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05 May, 2006

Dare RealFruit Gummies

Dare RealFruit GummiesDare Foods, a Canadian-based food maker, is bringing its popular "RealFruit" line of gummies to the USA.

They're made with a variety of real fruit purees and juices, with no artificial flavors or colors. RealFruit gummies claim to "burst with authentic flavor", and are marketed to both kids and adults (note the packaging is more adult-like).

Dare Foods says they make these in a nut-free, peanut-free facility.

RealFruit Gummies are available in Fruit Medley, Orchard Fruits, and Tropical Fruits varieties, all in 6.4oz. bags.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE REALFRUIT!!! I'm from Canada and I can seriously eat a bag a day.. they are FANTASTIC!!! I'm happy to know that they'll have them in the states when I go to visit my family and friends!!

Anonymous said...

They are outstanding and kids love em.

Anonymous said...

I too am a bag-a-day gummie freak from Canada. Dare lists no vitamin content for this `junk food'. I think they are just being modest or can't be bothered calculating it. Can anyone tell me what is the vitamin content of a fruit gummy? could it be that we have finally invented a junk food that is good for us??

Markie on 2/16/2007 08:39:00 PM said...


Anonymous said...

These real fruit gummies are really very good!!! Are the best I ever taste. I am a Gummie lover. Every time I travel to Canada my friends asked me to bring some bags, which lasted for one or two days. I am very happy to know I will have those in the states. Yummy yummy... Edith

Anonymous said...

Real Fruit Gummies are good. I like them. I do. But, beware. If you open a big bag, you might just eat them all instead of finding those documents you were supposed to look for while cleaning up your house. Then your stomach will hurt, and you will have got nothing done besides acquiring a stomach ache. I repeat, beware!

Anonymous said...

where can you buy these in the US? i've been trying to find them everywhere, but can't figure it out! HELP :)

Kyngelle on 8/17/2008 08:22:00 AM said...

I've been looking for these real fruit gummies since last year-October and can't seem to get them in the US (Mass). PLease ..Please let me know where to get them! I have even looked on Amazon!

I am so into these things!

Anonymous said...

I bought Real Fruit Gummies at Jerry's grocery store in Edina, Minnesota and I bitterly regret not stocking up via a boxful before I flew home. Next time!!

Canada Only on 3/24/2009 06:01:00 AM said...

You don't have to wait for Dare Real Fruit Gummies to get to your area. You can get them on CanadaOnly.ca along with a lot of other Canadian goodies.

Anonymous said...

does this have pork in it?

Canada Only on 5/29/2009 03:19:00 AM said...

Here are the ingredients of Dare Real Fruit Gummies:

Glucose syrup, sugar, glucose-fructose, gelatin, fruit purees (cherry, boysenberry, blueberry and strawberry), citric acid, concentrated fruit juices (tangerine, lemon and elderberry), pectin, potassium citrate, modified coconut oil, carnauba wax, natural flavours.

No pork.

Joe Bolduc

Anonymous said...

oh no! of course they put pork in "real fruit" gummies! it makes so much sense! =)

Anonymous said...

"does this have pork in it?" is refering to the Gelatin contained in the the gummies, the person is wondering if its from "pig" extract or any other source such as fish ...?

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