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12 May, 2006

Bubble Chocolate Bars

Bubble Chocolate BarsBubble Chocolate is a new brand of confections from Bubble Chocolate, Inc., a division of Bubble Wrap Candy.

Varieties include "Bubbly Milk Chocolate", "Bubbly Coffee Milk Chocolate" and "Bubbly 60% Dark Chocolate".

The line of Bubble Chocolates are similar to the Nestle Aero, a chocolate bar filled with bubbly pockets of air. Product literature says...

"Take one bite for a taste when you bite into this aerated chocolate bar, and then get a second special sensation as it melts on the tongue... Rich milk chocolate wraps a light and bubbly chocolate creme filling. The result is a luxurious bar light as a pastry, with a scrummy texture and the taste of chocolate wrapped upon chocolate bubbles. The bubbly creme seems to bring out the chocolate flavor, making it light and teasing the palate."

We first reported Bubble Wrap Candy last August on our sister blog, Strange New Products.


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