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09 May, 2006

Ajitas Vege Chips - New Varieties

Ajitas Vege Chips - New VarietiesVege Chip Co. of Queensland, Australia added two new varieties to its line of Ajitas brand Vege Chips.

Chilli Challenge and Curry Crush are billed as a couple of hot new flavors with "no hidden nasties" That is, they're free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, wheat/gluten, G.M. ingredients, preservatives, cholesterol, added MSG.

The Vege Chips line are said to be high in calcium and vitamin C, rich in carbohydrates, and to have 40 percent less fat than most leading potato chips.

They're available in the USA.


Anonymous said...

I've got a pack of Ajitas Vege Chips in front of me. The flavour is 'Tasty cheese' The back of the packet says in large writing no hidden nasties. I'm a little confused as the ingredient list includes 'yeast extract' isn't this a nicer way of says MSG? - I'm very disappointed. The plain packet no longer states GM free either (Australia)

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