02 April, 2006

Fear Factor Pop-Ups

http://www.icecreamusa.com/products/multiproduct.asp?brand=popsicle&UPC=77567-01277The Popsicle brand of frozen goodies now has Fear Factor Pop-Ups in its line up.

The variety pack of Sour Cherry (with an eyeball gumball and sour lemon slime) and Sour Watermelon (with sour lemon slime) flavors is sold in a box containing 4 individually wrapped Pop-Ups-on-sticks.
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Dr. Pepper Ice Treat

http://www.icecreamusa.com/products/ind_product.asp?upc=77567-01881&brand=goodhumor&type=The Good Humor brand of frozen confections is now offering a Dr. Pepper flavored and branded ice treat. They also have one in A&W Root Beer.
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Neuhaus Ying Yang

Neuhaus Ying YangBelgian-based Neuhaus N.V. has this new set of chocolates called Yin Yang.

This collection, originally launched for Valentine's Day, contains two metal cases, one white (Yin) and one black (Yang). The Yin case contains six pralines that are made from caramelized almonds covered with white chocolate (60g), while the Yang box contains six pralines made from bitter chocolate and which have a coffee flavor (60g).

Visit the company's online store.
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Long Grove Chocolate Bars

Long Grove Chocolate BarsIllinois-based Long Grove Confectionery Company is now offering a line of chocolate bars.

The bars include Milk Chocolate, Almond, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Crisp varieties. Each chocolate bar weighs 2.25 oz.
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Breyer's A&W Root Beer Float

Breyer's A&W Root Beer FloatBreyers brand ice cream has a new flavor out called "A&W Root Beer Float".

It's described as vanilla ice cream with an A&W Root Beer flavored sherbet swirl. The company says it has the taste of a root beer float in an ice cream treat.
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Breyers Ice Cream Poppers

Breyers Ice Cream PoppersIce Cream Poppers are new from Breyers brand ice cream.

They're bite-sized ice-cream portions covered in chocolate.

Varieties include "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup", "Oreo", "Hershey's", and "Heath".
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01 April, 2006

Nestle Classic For Men

Nestle Classic For MenMaybe in Russia, chocolate is seen as "girl food".

Perhaps that explains why Nestle's Russian affiliate has come out with "Nestle Classic For Men".

It's offered in two varieties, "Whole Almonds", and "Peanuts & Raisins". Each 100g bar is priced at 29.00 RUB.

The company's product literature says they're positioning this as a "new, special form of tenderness created just for men." Maybe Nestle ought to change the name to "Nestle Classic for Metrosexuals".
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