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02 March, 2006

Steaz Green Tea Soda

The Healthy Beverage Co. introduces Steaz Green Tea Soda in new four pack carriers. Green Tea Sodas are packaged in "handcrafted" glass bottles and the carrier is "specially designed cardboard that resists tearing, even when wet.".

Steaz sodas are "rich in antioxidants and vitamins"and have a great soda flavor without the "artificial flavors, colors and preservatives generally found in typical soft drinks". Steaz Green Tea Sodas are made from 100 percent natural ingredients, and are the first Soft Drinks to be stamped with the USDA Organic seal.

Flavors include Raspberry, Key Lime, Root Beer, Orange, Ginger Ale, Lemon Dew, Grape, Cola and Diet Black Cherry. The 12 oz. bottles can be purchased separately or in 24 count cases for around $1.75 each. Steaz can be found in stores such as Whole Foods Market or purchased online.


Anonymous said...

This stuff is really great

Anonymous said...

Funny to see this on a junk food blog. With a name like the Healthy Beverage Company, one would assume the makers of steaz would put out a healthy product.

This stuff is liquid candy, as the guys at Honest Tea would say. 35 grams of sugar candy to be exact. How much green tea has to be put in a product like this to balance out the high sugar content? Go ask a type 2 diabetic. Forget this stuff.

Anonymous said...

How are they be rich in antioxidants? They do not post the EGCG count on the bottle. They have 35 grams of sugar. They are carbonated.

Soda is liked to metabolic syndrome. Just because it is organic doesn't reduce the sugar count and CO2.

And now, they are allowed in schools.

See this link for the truth on soda :

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