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05 March, 2006

Purple Sausage

Heller Tasty Purplos Purple SausageYup, real purple sausage, at least the casing anyways.

Named, "Purplos", they have managed to bring a lot of attention to Heller Tasty Ltd, or, least in New Zealand anyways.

Todd Heller, Director of the company, says he got the idea after attending a marketing seminar earlier last year that involved a case study on Heinz introducing purple ketchup in the United States, as a way to appeal to children.

The sausage casing (which is an edible part of the sausage naturally), is colored with food coloring.

While the sausage meat is not purple, it does involve a new formulation for Heller Tasty, being a blend of beef and mutton, with added spices and honey. It's already cooked, but recommended served hot.


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