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27 March, 2006

Prestige Premium Ice Cream

Winn-Dixie Prestige Premium Ice CreamWinn-Dixie Stores is offering its own brand of premium ice cream under the Prestige brand.

It's packaged in a seal-top container so the last spoonful is as fresh as the first. The signature line of ice cream comes in flavors of, "Fishin' for Chocolate", "Carmel Coyote", "Strawberry", and "Mint Chocolate Chip."

According to product literature, all flavors are made with top quality ingredients and are held at high scrutiny for flavor and performance before they are approved for shipping.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the quality of ice cream after you open it depends on the number of times you take it out of the freezer. When you do, some of the water melts and refreezes when you replace it. As this repeats, the ice crystals get larger and larger.

Anonymous said...

The Carmel Coyote is an awesome flavor! It has mini carmel chocolate cups inside and a carmel sauce that is so close to the flavor you would find at a Marble Slab Co. Try it!

Anonymous said...

i am waiting for the Plant City strawberry ice cream. There are 10 people that are also waiting for this flavor. Whe are we going to get some?

Anonymous said...

We love the Plant City strawberry ice cream.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where to get Prestige non fat Yogurt in New York City? Any flavor?

Anonymous said...

why did they change the heavenly hash??????it WAS the best, now its terrible!!!!!!

Jennipah said...

the blueberry cream pie flavor in this brand is AMAZING

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