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28 March, 2006

Pierre's Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream

http://www.pierres.com/smooth_churned_intro_page2.shtmlCleveland, OH-based Pierre's French Ice Cream Co. introduced a new line of ice cream called, "Pierre's Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream".

Presented in a resealable cardboard carton, the new frozen dessert claims to feature 1/2 the fat and 30 percent fewer calories than regular ice cream (whatever "regular ice cream" is).

Flavors include "Black Cherry Vanilla", "Chocolate Silk", "Mint Chocolate Chip", and "Vanilla".

The "Smooth Churned" name refers to Pierre's special process that creates an extra creamy, smooth mouthfeel in a light ice cream comparable to full-fat premium ice cream.


Anonymous said...

steve steve, while i have nothing but detest for dreyers, i can't believe you don't at least mention the fact that these pierre dopes, like breyers and every other ice cream company, are basically cloning dreyers' churned deal ... i mean, this "smooth-churned process" is hardly an innovation of pierre's (whoever they are). altho they should all go bankrupt doing this stuff; i know it's popular as hell but it's god-awful, it makes MY INSIDES churn when i eat it

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