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09 March, 2006

NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy DrinkNOS Energy Drink is a new product of Fuze Beverage Inc. of Englewood, New Jersey.

Available in Regular and Sugar Free versions, it has a passionfruit flavor, and delivers its energy boost from taurine, ginseng, d-ribose, l-carnitine, folic acid and vitamins C, B6 and B12.

Presented in a 16 oz. can priced at $1.99, the name NOS is used under license from Holley Performance products which makes nitrous oxide "Nos" products to boost performance of racing cars.


Anonymous said...

This is the greatest drink I have ever had!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

where can i get it??????????????????

Anonymous said...

nos is one of the best performance mods you can make to your car or truck or even lawnmower. I'm spraying a 100hp shot Becareful with it but Nos nitrous rocks, I got most of my stuff at Nitrous Direct, good bunch of guys there

Anonymous said...

great blog entry on nos

Can't believe they came out with a drink named after a nitrous company lol

Anonymous said...

to anyone who wants to know nos energy drink is avalable at walmart,some gas stations,and i think some grocery stores,also online

Anonymous said...

sexy drink!

Anonymous said...

u guys r gettin boners over a drink

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