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27 March, 2006

Kras 1911 Bars

Kras 1911 BarsNew Kras 1911 Bars are produced in Croatia and distributed in the USA by Adria Imports, Inc.

The candy bars are offered in "Finest Milk", "50% Finest Cacao", and "Finest Hazelnuts" varieties.

Packaged in overwrapped 100g sizes, the suggested retail price is $2.49 each.


Anonymous said...

Can you taste the transfat. Kras products have an INSANE amount of transfat in them. Think of 1-2 grams of transfat per bite sized piece.

Suicide in a bag.

Note that Kras products are not required to list transfat amounts on their packages because of point of origin. It is the responsibility of the distributors to label the packages individually.

I have noted huge discrepencies in transfat listed on identical products sitting beside each other on store shelves.

Standard transfat level of every Kras product = Extremelly high.

Eat at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes one bar will kill you. It's just plain suicide.

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