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09 March, 2006

J. Marie Fine Cakes

J. Marie Fine CakesTiburon, CA-based J. Marie Fine Cakes manufacturers this new line of ready-to-eat rum cakes.

Varieties include "Lemoncello", "Chocolate Butter Rum", "Caffe Chocolat", and "Vanilla Butter Rum".

The maker claims their products represent a revival of traditional rum cakes. Thye're on a mission to bake moist cakes with consistently rich flavors, using the finest ingredients, and simple stuff like fresh creamery butter, aged vanilla bean, and the smoothest of dark rums.

The cakes are being sold through a broker, Daprano & Company.


Unknown on 12/08/2008 03:10:00 PM said...

Oooooh, guys, these cakes are really awesome. So moist and flavorful. AND you can make them "yours" with the addition of simple whipped cream, and slivered almonds -- or cherries.
RIGHTEOUS good eatin' mun. Vanilla butter rum (yes, you could crack that bottle of Capt. Morgan) or decadent Chocolate Butter Rum. Tasting is belieiving -- and easy to send.

Unknown on 7/06/2009 01:28:00 PM said...

There is a section on www.daprano.com that has original homemade recipes using the cakes

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