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27 March, 2006

Galerie Au Chocolat - Gourmet Goodies

Galerie Au Chocolat - Gourmet GoodiesHebron, KY-based Galerie Au Chocolat has introduced a new brand of candy corn called "Gourmet Goodies".

Sold in glass jars, the candy comes in Cherry, Tangerine and Green Apple flavors.

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the carrot shaped bag of Galerie jelly beans i purchased at a Meijers store in Dayton , Ohio are the toughest jelly beans i have ever eaten.
the age level should be raised from 3 yrs of age to more like 13 yrs of age.
Here some info on the bag: 33249000is the number on the bag of tag. bar code6839532619
it is a good thing i tasted them before giving them to the children.
The clear bag is carrot shaped with green, purple and yellow raffia atop the bag. holds approximately 5 1/2 servings.

i am wondering if they are old, is Meijers selling last years candy? i would really appreciate some feedback on this matter. the kids will not be able to eat this brand .
thank you

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