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01 March, 2006

Del Taco's Crispy Fish Burrito

Del Taco's Crispy Fish BurritoOn the tail of its successful Crispy Fish Taco, the Del Taco chain of Mexican fast-food restaurants debuts its new Crispy Fish Burrito.

It made with two crispy fish fillets, a new "ancho chili sauce", crunchy cabbage, freshly made salsa all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla and a lime wedge. It sells for $2.89, and is being served up starting today.

The new menu item will be supported by an ad that features Dan the Del Taco product guy. In the ad, Dan takes a crusty boat captain in search of his favorite fishing spot - the Del Taco drive thru. While getting bag after bag of this new favorite burrito from the drive-thru window, Dan quips "we're gonna need a bigger boat," in a slight spoof of the popular scene from Jaws when upon seeing the large shark, Roy Scheider's character declares the same thing.


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