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03 March, 2006

Chicken Coated Peanuts

Koh-KaeHong Kong-based Mae-ruay Snack Food Factory Co., Ltd. offers a line of snacks called "Koh-Kae".

If you look carefully at the bottom of the can, it reads, "Peanuts Chicken Flavour Coated".

So, I guess if you can't make up your mind between eating chicken or eating peanuts, you can have both in one crunchy delight.

Koh-Kae is also offered in Garlic and Coconut Cream varieties.


Anonymous said...

Koh-Kae is one of theThailand brand products, and export to HK, and yes it has a lot of flavor, such as coffee, chocolate, and chiken, BBQ, seafood.

Anonymous said...

I remember eating those when I ws younger! My father used to buy them all the time, but stopped. I miss them. Maybe I should buy them sometime. Anyway, good luck with blogging! ^^

Anonymous said...

love these.

paul, uk

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