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29 March, 2006

Booozah Gelato

Booozah GelatoStow, MA-based Booozah LLC is selling a new line of frozen treats called "Booozah".

Marketed as "the Phoenician frozen dessert", it's a combination of Italian gelato, Turkish and Middle Eastern ice cream recipes all mixed together to produce a unique tasting product.

The flavors include "Exotic Mango", "White Orchid (Haleeb)", "White Orchid Supreme (Ashta)", "Greek Chios Mastic (Miskeh)", "Nutty Chocolate", "Pistachio Delight", "Apricot & Raisins (Amer El Deen)", "Smooth Strawberry", "Fresh Kiwi", "Wild Blackberry (Toot)", and "Zesty Lemon".

Booozah is said to contain real fruit, a much less butter fat content than in milk based flavors (by using 2 percent milk), and uses ingredients such as rose water, orange blossom water, Greek mastic gum, and sahlab (a natural form that comes from orchid tubers).

Visit a list of store locations.


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