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02 March, 2006

Ben & Jerry's Black & Tan Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Black & Tan Ice CreamThe folks at Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream have launched a new ice cream flavor just in time for St. Patrick's Day, "Black & Tan".

The frozen treat combines real cream stout (the non-alcoholic kind), swirled in with with chocolate ice cream, and topped off with a foamy stout ice cream head, perhaps giving a new meaning to the term, "Mother's Milk".

Ben & Jerry's Brewmaster, John Shaffer, says they searched far and wide for the perfect ingredient that meets the authentic flavor of a European stout beer. I didn't know Ben & Jerry's had a brewmaster!

If you'd like to sample a pint of BJ's new brew, they should be in stores right now.


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Anonymous said...

I would like to tell you that being upset by the name of the ice cream and equating it with something notoriuos is silly. It is like saying a person named Larry is bad, so all Larry's are bad. By the way I was a bartender for many years and made many, many Black & Tans. I do not believe I had insulted anyone by making these drinks. The company was not insensitive, you are to sensitive. Politically correct is a terrible thing and not very american. Remember with the right of speech comes responsibility. You have shown none. Thank you

Simon on 4/22/2006 07:10:00 AM said...

Funnily enough, I've only heard about a) the ice-cream and b) our supposed outrage through the British and US media, telling us how we're 'up in arms'.

Ya I know. I have seen only one person in Ireland giving out about it. And that was because there is actually no beer in the ingredients.

Hey Simon,

Why don't you work on your grammar and spelling and spend less time on your hatred.

'An American thing to do'?!?!

I guess helping Ireland's economy rise from the level it was 13 years ago to what it is now with the influx of jobs and industry is also 'An American to do'.

Indeed it is.

Also I remember some people being offended that the second Lord of the Rings movie was called the two towers.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget a towel!

Anonymous said...

Ok, as a lot of other people have said those that are offended really need to get over themselves. It may be a dubious coincidence that a DRINK is named after an infamous historical incident but really get over it. Do you see Black & Tan militia on the packaging? No, it is a picture of the dumb drink! If you don’t like it write to every bar that serves the drink, write to the people that publish the recipe of the drink, and write to the people that order the drink. Listen, probably like most people I didn’t even know the true meaning of “Black & Tan” and no I am not an “ignorant” American. Just like most people I don’t go searching out the meaning of every phrase to make sure that it doesn’t offend someone because it has a historical context that is almost a century old.

If you really want to have a tit tat over people’s actions maybe you should pick something else to be so passionate about. Why don’t you have a cause that really needs attention and write about the racism that your fellow Europeans show during World Cup games. If you took the energy that you gave in writing these posts and put it into that cause maybe the World Cup wouldn’t be disgraced in the way that it is. Or do you condone that type of behavior?

No, I don’t think those that are offended are ok with the hooligans and their actions but I am just making a point. There are bigger issues out there in the world that are going on right now that need more attention than an ice cream named after a DRINK.

TheMadIrishman said...

As a proud Irishman, I am offended and amazed at the amount of insensitivity shown by my fellow Irishman/women...IT'S A FLAVOR OF AN ICE CREAM!! No other meaning, no hidden agenda, NOTHING!!!
I pray I get some to keep in the freezer!! If this offends you, dont eat it and stay inside the entire month of MARCH!!

Éire go brách!!!

Captain Bob said...

I cannot believe it, I am finally ashamed to be of Irish decent. This rampant stupidity is just..unreal. What is a "Black and Tan"? Let's ask Guinness...

The answer depends on who you ask. The all-Guinness Black & Tan is Harp's Lager and Guinness. (Harp's is brewed by Guinness at Dundalk). Many consider the classic Black & Tan to be Bass Pale Ale and Guinness. (To some Irish, they appreciate the fact that the Irish comes out on top!) However, Bass Ale is not as available in Ireland as it used to be, and either Harp or Smithwicks is generally used. However, there are many variations involving a stout or porter and another lighter coloured beer, either lager or ale.

A half-and-half is often just another name for a Black & Tan. However, in many North American Irish pubs, the Bass/Guinness combination is called a Black & Tan, while the Harp/Guinness combination is called a Half-and-Half.

So, Guinness talks about the Black and Tan in "The Guinness Drinking Companion". Now, while I'd not say that Guinness speaks for all things Irish but I'd think that before anyone gives Ben & Jerry grief that they'd first take up this issue on the homefront with the IRISH folks that are promoting the drink.

Yes, there were evil men who were referred to as the Black and Tans. This has nothing to do with it.

You know, there are more people in the US of Irish decent in the US than there are in Ireland. Heck, the largest St. Pats celebration is in the US too. This doesn't make the standard American an expert on Irish culture...most don't have a clue beyond Guinness. Still, this sort of howling makes me sad to have any Irish in my blood. Truly shameful.

As a sidenote? Very tasty ice cream. Much like what I've always imagined a Guinness float would taste like.

whatever on 4/22/2006 07:45:00 AM said...

I cannot belive anyone would be upset with the name "Black & Tan" that Ben & Jerry's came up with.


I didn't even know about a gang called the Black & Tans? I had no idea and I am Irish!




Anonymous said...

As someone who has been far too close to 4 IRA bombings in London in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's, I wonder how all the Americans who supported Terrorism before September 11, 2001 now feel. Yes the IRA was a Terrorist Organisation by popular definitions. They created as much terror as Al-Quida over a longer period of time. Al-Quida has killed more in a shorter period of time, and are willing to die for their cause, other than that they are the same.

Remember the nail bombings that killed soldiers walking their horses in the park, or the bomb under the Bandstand as the Army Band played for free to the old people in the park. Can't forget the Car Bomb outside Harrods as people were going Christmas Shopping for their kids. As for Pub Bombings, you can't go for a beer (maybe the IRA was just against people ordering "Black and Tans" in the Pub.)

What is happening now in Iraq, and is funded by outside sources is eaxctly what happened in Northern Ireland, and England which was then funded by people in those Irish Bars in Boston and New York etc.

What goes around comes around.

British troops were sent into Northern Ireland in the 1970's to protect the Roman Catholics from the Protestant majority. Yes let's not forget that in Northern Ireland, the majority of people want to remain part of Great Britain. So remember all you IRA supporters, you were against Democracy then, as the Patriot Act is against Democracy now.

Funny how actually nobody has a problem drinking a "Black and Tan", but as soon as it becomes an Ice Cream people freak out.

Anonymous said...

Come on It's Friggin Ice cream.....And why don't we just argue it some more and say it should be renamed to say "African American and Tan" Ice cream. Give me a break, I don't know what is sadder, the fact everyone is so upset at an icecream name for something that happen over 80 years ago, or that I am actually taking time to write in this blog.

Anonymous said...

The first known reference to the expression Black & Tan was in reference to a breed of beagles used as hunting dogs in Ireland.

I suppose that owning a Beagle is a terrible slight to the Irish too?

jhudak on 4/22/2006 08:38:00 AM said...

In America when we think of Ireland the only things that come to mind are whiskey and leprechaun's, not some militant organization. I'm sure this was an honest mistake,

Anonymous said...

Daniel Day Lewis was right in "GANGS OF NEW YORK." When God rested on the seventh day, he took a huge dump. We now call it Ireland.

Anonymous said...

I'm engaged to a wonderful man from Ireland and even he finds people's offense to the name black and tan to be quite stupid, as do I. The company was naming the ice cream after the drink - not the freakin' army. If we all tried hard enough we could link all names and words to negative events, meanings, etc...

Grow-up and get over it. It's freakin' ice cream!

Anonymous said...

If it was that offensive, why wasn't the name of the drink changed decades ago???

Anonymous said...

I think that there is nothing wrong with the name of that ice-cream, but instead with the people who have enough time to speculate and whine over something so small. The Brits weren't the only ones persecuted in history, grow up and get a life. Why would you sit and argue of the name of a pint of icecream. It's only about 5 USD, you could make more money actually working and doing something productive. STOP being a bunch of bit****.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You idiots actually argued about ice cream so much that you made the Reuters Oddly Enough page. So, I'm guessing Crayola needs to stop making Black and Tan colored crayons now too, right? You know, cause they might end up next to each other in the box and make some idiot cry. Yes, you are all idiots. And I am awesome. Peace it, losers.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am pretty sure very few people are thinking of Ireland concerning the name of this Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. About being sensitive, you people whom are upset are "hyper-sensitive". It is people like you who ASSume without really understanding. Personally, I don't care about Ireland's past wars that happened almost 100 years ago. And the ignorant person who spoke of, oh yeah, the infamous "what if" Ben & Jerry's made an ice cream called September 11th, not really sure what you are getting at. The name was so named after a drink, not a war. Go take your "hyper-sensitive" feelings to comeone who really cares.

Anonymous said...

I really think this whole thing got out of hand. Not only is a Black and Tan a drink, as many have mentioned, but it was also a name for clubs in earlier America. These clubs (which were often host to fantastic jazz music) encouraged racial integration when it was still unjustly considered taboo. I am not insensitive to the fact that a group labeled the Black and Tans engaged in some horrific acts, but come on comrades, it's an ice cream flavor. I really think this is silly and believe that people will get upset at anything.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of whiny Liberals y'all are...I was gonna say somethin', but no need- my fellow AMERICANS here summed it up perfectly...GET A LIFE! And if you don't like the name or are "offended" by it- be American and boycot...whining gets you nowhere!


Anonymous said...

Is everybody finished yet?
Remember, if you don't like what you're watching, you can simply change the channel.
The same principle applies here. DUH!

Morgan said...

I seriously can't believe there is a such thing as a "junk food blog." I saw the link on the Reuters story about Black and Tan and I had to come here and see for myself.

Get a life, people!
And pass me a scoop of Black & Tan to go with my beer!

Anonymous said...

I'll be boycotting B&J now for giving in to the pussy irish.


Anonymous said...

Since so many PC idiots insist on being assholes about this, I have researched B&J's and find that all of the following flavours are offensive and should be pulled from the shelves.

Brownie Batter - might offend East Indians
Chubby Hubby - as I am one
Chunky Monkey - might offend Coco the signing ape, or some African Americans who take offence at any monkey remark
Half Baked - cuz drugs are bad
Karamel Sutra - how dare you compare ice cream to such a book
Neopolitan Dynamite - Dynamite has been used to kill people
The Gobfather - organized crime has killed people
Turtle Soup - surely all animal lovers and PETA must boycott this!
Vermonty Python - I'm sure pythons have killed people

See, if you look hard enough, you can get offened by anything. B&J should stop selling ice cream, and turn to Bible sales only.

Now, you PC idiots have wasted several minutes of my life with this crap, so either give me those minutes back, or shut up, cuz you've offended me!

Norfolk Bill said...


Speaking of being offended, I am deeply offended that JRRTolkien dissed the World Trade Center diaster by naming his second book of the Ring Triolgy, "The Two Towers"

Typical of the slimy Brits. eh?



Anonymous said...

I was born on a Dublin street where the Royal drums do beat
And the loving English feet they tramped all over us,
And each and every night when me father'd come home tight
He'd invite the neighbors outside with this chorus:


Oh, come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man
Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders
Tell them how the IRA
Made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes in Killashandra.

Come let me hear you tell
How you butchered great Pernell,
When you fought them well and truly persecuted,
Where are the smears and jeers
That you bravely let us hear
When our heroes of sixteen were executed.


Come tell us how you slew
Those brave Arabs two by two
Like the Zulus they had spears and bows and arrows,
How you bravely slew each one
With your sixteen pounder gun
And you frightened them poor natives to their marrow.


The day is coming fast
And the time is here at last,
When each yeoman will be cast aside before us,
And if there be a need
Sure my kids wil sing, "Godspeed!"
With a verse or two of Steven Beehan's chorus.

First they get beat by the IRA, made fun of in a song,disbanded by Sir Winston, they have a drink and an Ice Cream named after them. Just think of how big a loser you have to be that after 80 years you are still the butt end of a joke.

I now return me to my regular Irish programming, drinking and catching women. Why do you think Irish eyes are always smiling.

Billy said...

Man I wanted to come here and call the person that wrote the article an alarmist peice of trash. Guess half the world beat me to it. Now you look like an idiot to the entire world.

Serves ya right dumbass. Picking a fight just so you can snatch up a few minuites of sad can you be. Common sense would have averted this problem but NOOOOO you're one of those problem causers. Making a problem just for the sake of making a problem. It's people like YOU that hinder sociaty from growing and improving.

Anonymous said...

Amen billy! Well said!

Anonymous said...

Volunteer=Ass Clown

wiggity on 4/22/2006 02:20:00 PM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am so sick of this bullshit political correctness that now the world seems to embrace.

This is an American company with an American product. It refers to a drink that you can order by that name in any fucking bar in America. I haven't been to Ireland or the UK, so I admit that I do not know what it is called else where.

But what the fuck!

Just because history has a negative use of a phrase does not mean that it should be banned or even criticized.

It describes the mother fucking color of the and mother fucking tan....goddammit.

Sorry, I know many others agree with my sentiment, but I felt like going on a rant.

Anonymous said...

OK.....get over the fact that Ben & Jerry's has an ice cream named after a drink that noone bitched about......for hundreds of years.....the black and tan is a famous drink......ordered around the world.....more people know of it as a drink than a militia get over the damn political correctness and drink up ......not everything has some hidden meaning ......look at the book as well before you open the cover.......some things do have face fat people complain cuz theres one called chubby hubby?.......GET OVER have waaaaaay too much time if you need to bitch about ice cream names....

Anonymous said...

I find it incredible that people actually believe Ben and Jerry's gave any thought to the name being anything other than the name of a drink. Maybe this is an insult to the American education system (ok it is an insult), but personally I had never even heard of black and tan being anything other than a drink I can get down at my local Irish pub. Why do the people who have an issue with the ice cream not have an issue with the drink? I think people have a little too much time on their hands...

Anonymous said...

Look Y'all.
Check this link and tell me who is politicizing the issue.
That's Reuters, and according to their story, it sure sounds like it was an IRISH Militia.
Email Me if you can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone offended by this is the epitome of the word: Idiot.

Anonymous said...

The people offended by this should just get over themselves. B&J didn't mean anything by it. You are a bunch of over sensitive jerks. You are the same people that cry every time something doesn't go your way. So if you are so offended go the hell back to Ireland.

Anonymous said...

If you're offended by this name, you're fuckin' stupid!

Anonymous said...

Im just waiting for a strawberry ice cream now called a bloody sundae :P

But really people, quit your filthy whining about something that happened 80 years ago, that is the reason we are in the situation we are currenly in up North.

And yes unlike most of the people in this thread im from Ireland, well Northern Ireland if it makes any difference to you american.

And with any luck this won't become a thread about politics.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. I just want to make sure you're all aware that you're stupid for posting objections to the name of ice cream. It's freaking ice cream, for crying out loud! "Black" and "tan" are colors, and -- GASP -- those are the colors of the ICE CREAM! WOW! I know it's hard to believe, but maybe if you really think about it, you'll be able to see it. Good luck with this, leave a message if you have any troubles, and I'll try to help you identify which of the colors is black and, in turn, which is tan.

Anonymous said...


Listen, you're only allowed to be upset when someone uses a term in an obviously derogatory manner. Anyone who actually believes that "Black and Tan" means anything other than the popular drink in this case is, in my humble opinion, too stupid to be allowed to continue to speak publicly.

People whining about this are ushering in a level of political correctness that simply cannot be sustained in the world today. When did we all get to the point that we're literally LOOKING for things to be offended about?

No one is really that sensitive. It's popular to whine these days, that's all. Right now the easiest way to get your name in the news is to be offended, and it seems everone is looking for their 15 minutes. In any case, I've zero respect for any of you idiots.

It's interesting, though. I've become a far more insensitive person since folks like this started speaking up more regularly. How's that for progress?

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to actually work at a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop. I think that if you are so sensitive that an ice cream made in america and connect it to something that happened in Europe then close you eye and become a vegan because everything is obviously going to offend you... there is no satisfying some people. How are you supposed toprepare for something you didn't know about.... next thing you know people will start complaing about the flavor "jamacian me crazy" ( chunky pinapple sorbet with a passion fruit swirl... reggae pinapple character.. delicious)

Anonymous said...

It's a fu_king ice cream flavor. get over it before I give you something to cry about.

What's an Irish seven course dinner?

A 6-pack of Guinness and a potato.

Anonymous said...

Everyone complaining needs to get a fucking grip, its a popular drink and guess what, its served in Ireland too. They didnt intend to insult a group of people by naming it after some hate group you stupid bunch of shitheads. Its not the same thing as calling it "Nazi's and Nuts" because it was completely unintentional and not a purposefully offensive or hateful act. The only one's being racist here are you guys, so knock it the fuck off and enjoy the ice cream you stupid pussies.

Anonymous said...

No one has seen the very obvious connection between the ice cream, the drink, the Irsih and THE BLACK AND TAN COONHOUND. I see the connection but have yet to figure out who has been insulted.

Kory O on 4/23/2006 05:43:00 AM said...

To the wankers going off about "Black and Tan" drinks here in the States, wait till you get a load of Syracuse University's mascot.

I can't wait to hear how offended all the Irish get when they hear that we refer to our Individual Retirement Accounts as IRA's.

And to the stupid fark who is an Osama fan, next time have the balls to sign your name instead of posting anonymously. Forget the fact that everything he stands for is probably against your idea of a good time, or that he'd be equally willing to kill an infidel from Ireland as he would an infidel American. Uber-wanker!

dorsey on 4/23/2006 05:44:00 AM said...

I'm guessing that most Americans have never even heard of the Irish version of "Black & Tan," apart from the drink. Do the Chinese raise hell in England on Boxing Day because of the Boxer Rebellion?

The Irish have thicker skin than this. The rest of you should get over it.

Anonymous said...

The B&J ice cream is CLEARLY made to represent the beer combination (the PHOTO on the label, the fact that the flavors are STOUT) if the drink was some SECRET code that the irish would be on top and WAS supposed to be a reference to the Black n Tan brigade... it was SECRET how in the blazes is B&J supposed to know this?!?! I think it is stupid to dilute wonderful Guinness in the first place!

B&J is a community and environmentally aware company with a sense of humor. It is a cultural difference plain and simple.. we don't complain every time a Brit asks for a "fag" here in the states, a big PC no-no as they are "gay" or "lesbian". You ask for a cigarette... we ask for a drink (or in this case ice cream)! People... get off of you high horses... if you don't like the name... DON'T buy it and shut the hell up!!!

JD in Detroit

Anonymous said...

Now WAIT a minute... my uncle was killed by a Jamacian! And the got off because of an insanity defense! Obviously "jamacian me crazy" was made only as an insult to my family. Those bastards!

And then, after their last concert, my cousin was MURDERED by the members of Phish, who then proceded to EAT him! Phucking Phish Phood!

And what's this shit... Neapolitan Dynamite? First of all, Napoleon was a MURDERER; I believe the people of the world should RISE UP AS ONE and DESTROY vermont for this thinly veilled attempt by B&J to capitalize on this tragic historic event! And my nephew lost an arm in a dynamite explosion. I think ALL handicapped people should boycott ALL ice cream! AND, that movie SUCKED! How DARE they glorify it this way!

And what about "moodmagic"??? A big purple splotch on the caontainer that says "touch me"??? Come ON!!! This is obviously Jeff Wiggle's Scrotum! Are we going to stand by while this so-called "company" makes profits from pushing pedophilia???

And what about "Gobfather"?!?!? Boy, just wait 'till the italians hear about this!

That's it... I'm leading a protest march against this madness! We're going to meet at the cemetary on Vanilla street at noon and...


(stfu people. go find something else to be victimized by.)

Anonymous said...

I just read all 248 posts...I need a beer...Cheerio...

Anonymous said...

Big thumbs down to everybody on the subject. A gigantic "screw you" to people who can't be sensitive as to why it's hurtful...who are lucky enough not to have lived basically under occupation for hundreds of years. And an even bigger "screwww u" to the arseholes who write about us "dumb Americans." Listen, next time you want to write about being offended, your argument might actually BE CONVINCING IF YOU DON'T OFFEND OTHERS while you're making your argument. Think it's not racially insensitive, always calling Americans stupid? Were we so stupid when we came to Europe to fight the Nazis for yeh? Matter of fact, since we are such bumpkins, maybe you'd all better stop reading our books and listening to our music and participating in our culture. And if you say you don't, liar! I lived in Europe for YEARS and I'll tell you it's very hard to get away from American culture. And from what I wasn't being THRUSTED on you as much as you Europeans were DEMANDING it. Fortunately, the Europeans I met, worked and lived with were not of the nature of many of those who posted above.

If we are going to call B&J and make them change ice cream names, then we'd better call the bars and hold them to the same standard. Oh wait...maybe that's okay because it's beer? hmmmm..... I'm curious to hear it's not available in Ireland...
but then, there are a lot of things here in the U.S. of which I am not familiar. Sorry, but the colors of the drink ARE black and tan. Move on. Whatever it was called, I can confirm that my friends and I did drink this beer combo while in Ireland. I did not get a history lesson at the time...but I would have been happy to listen if anyone had cared to tell me. Rather unfortunate, I think, not to have had anyone correct me while I was there. We probably either ordered "half and half," or our host quietly changed our order. In either event, I had a lovely time and enjoyed and respected the land and the people.

Perhaps it's culturally insensitive to insist that something as innocent as inadvertedly naming ICE CREAM after something brutal that happened nearly a century ago in ANOTHER country AND THEN suggest that it was either done intentionally or because we're just sooooooo stupid. Listen up, ignorant arsholes. There is a lot of world history that many countrymen of ALL nationalities don't learn. Perhaps you haven't heard..."history is written by the victors"... Perhaps you are ignorantly unaware that a lot of cultural insensitivity occurs around the globe...not because people are stupid or inferior but because different words and names have different connotations in different cultures. Would you like to also take on parts of Asia for co-opting parts of American culture and accidently being extremely offensive to African-Americans? Do you have history lessons on the Watts riots, or why they happened? Do you know and understand the history of May 4, 1970 at KSU and its effect on US foreign policy? I've met a lot of people on my global journeys and I sure as hell can tell you that many, if not MOST, of the people I met were woefully unaware of a lot of American history AND had very little understanding of Americans in general.

Nice of some to invoke 911...

Honest mistake, by honest people, trying to do their job and make people happy. I think it's perfectly ok to inform people why it's hurtful, but being nasty to us about it, well, hell, don't be surprised if it NEVER comes off the shelf. And if you really want to make a change...then get the bars to stop selling it!

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that company's are going to have to create new research departments for new product names. Not to research the new product name, but to find out who the new name is going to piss off because it might be a nickname that someone called you or means something when said backward in Vulcan or something stupid like that.

It was an innocent mistake, shame on the ones trying to make this a political or "stupid american" issue.

/looking forward to the new "Keystone Kops" flavor up next...

Anonymous said...

i will now purchase this ice cream because of the silliness of the "black and tan" arguement.

tiggersbud said...

hi, it's me again. i wanna thank you for the entertainment during the rain, and also for some really good music i just found and can download for free. when i did a yahoo search for "black and tan" the black and tan recording lable came up, you can find them here at the song of the day is "i'm a big man" by big george jackson. now i couldn't tell if big george was black, or tan, so i don't know how many will be offended and really don't care. i live to be politically incorrect cause it is the opposite thing to do, and i find when they stop talking about ya, you are then boring. anyway, good music, check it out. oh, and y'all get the comments out, i will be back on my bike in a week!!!!!(i believe most in the biker community call it a rice burner and yes i have offended a few japanese with calling my bike a rice burner for which i will not apologize for. and i will call all men "my boyz" when i am caring for them, don't care what color they are!!! actually, i refer to all my patients as my kids and only stop if they ask me to. ok, rant over, back to regular programming.....) again, i would like to thank you for the entertainment during the rain, it's been real (too real!!!!!)


rappysocks on 4/23/2006 01:41:00 PM said...

ready for my potato

Anonymous said...

"No normal person in America has a clue about the Black & Tan "Brutes" in Ireland."
Maybe that's because Americans are ignorant. Do a google search with the words 'black' and 'tan' and the SECOND hit is about the militia.
Whilst this has been blown out of proportion, this is still an issue close to the hearts of many people today and cuts a bit too close to the bone. It was only 80 years ago - not exactly centuries - and we are talking about one of the most volatile political situations in recent history.
Of course, the US response to the Troubles was to fund terrorism for 60-odd years, so why should anyone expect empathy or sensitivity for anyone but America.

Fionn said...

I'm Irish, born & living in Ireland. I think the PC brigade is foolish.
I have never heard of the Black & Tan drink. To be honest I wouldn't drink it because yes I do find the name offensive. My family and I do find this ice-cream offensive. To those above who say this is ridiculous, trust me, you won't feel that way when something similar offends you.
I am not however angry.
Maybe offensive isn't the word, maybe stupid is the right word. Or mis-guided or badly informed.
Ben & Jerrys' have apologised and maybe they will pull the product, I am not angry with them, I just think they were misguided.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Guinness is not an Irish company, its British owned............

Anonymous said...

I own a dog. His name is NIgel. He is a Welsh Terrier. He is black and tan in color. His breed is derived from the extinct Old English Wire Haired Black and Tan Terrier over 500 years ago.

Perhaps I should take our dear Nigel out in the back yard and shoot him right now to avoid offending some Irsish person who might see him or might learn of his heritage and be offended. Yeah that is a great idea.

I'll be back in a minute. Where did I put my pistol?

Mosh said...

This is some stupid BS. Im Irish and proud of my heritage, yet just last night I enjoyed a nice mixture of Guinness stout and Bass by the name of 'Black and Tan'. Then again, Im Irish American and haven't heard any stories from times in 'the old country.' Maybe I find this 'offence' rediculous because I'm not a crybaby liberal or maybe Im not 'sensative' enough. Either way, get the hell over it and move on.

I'll be looking forward to Ben & Jerry's Al Quaida Cheesecake delight. That would go over better with the Americans atleast.

Athonwy said...

If I can go to a bar in Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i, and order a Kamikaze, from a Japanese Hawaiian bartender, and have him think it's pretty funny, then the Irish and people of Irish descent can suck it up and not get offended by the name of this ice cream. And just to air my credentials, I am Irish, from Boston, the MOST Irish city in the new world (up yours chicago) and I am an Irish/Celtic musician as well as a designer of celtic knotwork. The blood of Eire flows in my veins, but so has many a good pint of Black and Tan.

Anonymous said...

So do they not sell the Black & Tan beer in Ireland? I find that hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

I pitty you small minority of people for which this new name has offended you. It just goes to show you that no matter how good the intentions are of someone or some company there are always a small group of people worrying about their pitiful lives. I find it really hard to believe that a company as great as Ben & Jerry's that sends profits to social and charitable agencies to help build a better society, to maliciously create a name to piss off a few people. And for the tard that wrote, "What is next 'Nuts and Nazi's"' you sir should have your ass kicked. It is people like you that keep racial hate alive in this World. Why don't you go live somewhere else where the Government will dictate what you can say and what you do for work. I hope you never buy B&J ice cream again, and miss out on the enjoyment that everyone else will partake in. I am not a huge fan of B&J ice cream, but I will go out and buy 2 containers of this ice cream when it comes out, just to piss you off.

Canadian said...

So, some of you want to take offence at a name. Well, let me tell you about my name. Try growing up in the 60's with the last name "Speed". I have heard all the Speedy Gonzales jokes, drug jokes and speed jokes to last a lifetime. And they were repeated every year I went to school. Did I take offence? Did I punch out every moron that thought he was being funny? No. I learned to accept that everyone has a different way of looking at everything (the names of ice cream included). People took my name and twisted it to suit their own personal use. It would seem that Volunteer and Ben and Jerry have done the same thing.

They both took a name and twisted it to their own personal use. B and J took the name of a beer and used it to promote ice cream. Volunteer took the name of an ice cream and used it to promote…what? Peace? No. Understanding? No. Communication? No. From what I can see he has used the name of an ice cream (and a beer) to promote controversy and argument. This does not promote peace and understanding. But, it does help those who want controversy, hatred, prejudice and war. If you don’t believe me, read some of the postings. How many of them are from the Irish and those of Irish decent who paint every American with the same brush of disgust, loathing and hate. And posts from Americans saying “I'll be boycotting B&J now for giving in to the pussy Irish”. Now, project those sentiments. What do you think it leads to, world peace or nudging further towards world war?

For any one company in any country to make sure that the name of their product does not offend anyone anywhere on this entire planet would be impossible.

In dozens of previous postings volunteer has been told to "get a life". May I suggest he, and others, get some understanding and a better perspective on life?

I AM CANADIAN and proud of it.

Matt Mainolfi on 4/24/2006 12:40:00 AM said...

Introducing 'G' on the GuiTard!

Fuck you Sylvan Friedman!!!!11

Matt Mainolfi in tha hizzy

Anonymous said...

To those claiming the drink is called such due to the colors of Guiness and Bass, please kindly buy a pint of Guiness and hold it up to the light. Never has been, never will be black. Guiness is red!

A.G. Hopkins on 4/24/2006 04:11:00 AM said...

Having solved all other problems in the world, we now turn to Ben and Jerry.

Only a moron couldn't see that B&J wanted to create a flavor celebrating the flavors found in the Guinness drink. I love Guinness, and would love to try an ice cream which evoked that flavor. However, I bet Guinness would be hesitant to allow them to use their name to market the ice cream. (Copyright issues and such.)
So, what to name it? What else evokes the image of Guiness? How about the second most popular way of serving Guinness, after Guinness itself? Black and Tan.

I can't believe anyone would be so eager to find offense in something which isn't even happening in their country. I can't believe that they couldn't have followed the same trail of hypothetical thoughts I laid out here for why it was named what it was named.

But I can believe that people would complain if this ice cream was marketed in Ireland under this name. But I'd have waited til then.

Anyone know what B & J changed the name to? I'd still like to try it.

Anonymous said...

Do all of you offended people really expect that a company wanting to introduce a new product search the globe for any and all possible name clashes? I mean, if I wanted to introduce a new drink, say "Vanilla", it is entirely possible that there's a village in Mozambique who was attacked 231 years ago by the neighboring Vanilla Tribe, and are therefore offended.

Come on! Just because a name is chosen for something, and that something just happens to be the name of something you don't like, it's not necessarily a slap aimed at your face. You just understand that Black & Tans are drunk day after day in bars everywhere, and it's an ice cream product that captures that taste. Get over it.

I am a living, breathing "red-headed step-child". I hear that phrase all the time, but I don't get a lawyer and call a press conference over's just a phrase. I got over it. You should too.


Brewby, my beer on 4/24/2006 06:32:00 AM said...

Guinness + Harp = Black and Tan.


Celty said...


Anonymous said...

To the individual who stated that Americans would be upset if a flavor called September 11th were put out, I'd just like to say...

Of course we would, if there were NO OTHER MEANING FOR IT. If September 11th had another meaning, a more peaceful meaning, and it was 90yrs later, as in the case of the Black and Tans...then I'm sure there would be a few folks who objected to it, but it would be a stupid argument, as is yours. Get a sense of humor, know that they were talking about a drink, don't be so ignorant as to think they were talking about a British militia, and stop trying to do nothing but cause contorversy...

alleyangel on 4/24/2006 08:28:00 AM said...

This is crazy! The past happened, there is nothing we can do to go back and change it. Why do we want to dwell upon that? It is nothing "modern" man has caused. I just don't understand, I mean people can sell Black and Tans at bars all day, which I used to make TONS of. Yet I here no protesting or arguing about that. Why argue over something so small that hasn't even gained popularity. You mention black and tan, mosty everyone will think BEER! We can drink green beer on St. Patty's day. I think if anything, the Irish should be insulted that a saintly Irish man's day has been turned into just celebrating GREEN and PINCHING each other. I think there are bigger issues to be concerned with.

azcowboy on 4/24/2006 09:20:00 AM said...

I think I'm pretty safe in saying that at 268 posts, this has got to be the largest in the Junk Food Blog history. Amazing marketing to get this many people to reply. I think it would be safe to venture that at least 98% of the replys here are from first time readers of the site.

Who would have thought that a junk food site could bring out this kind of political discussion.

Again, bravo to the marketing agency for their amazing work, I'm sure they are laughing their asses of right now.

Anonymous said...

This world has become to obsessed with being politically correct! Next thing you know the african americans will complain because the word black is used in the title. Being first generation Irish and my father a proud Irishman and very proud American, this revolt against Ben & Jerry's is getting ridiculous and way out of hand. Every heritage, people and race has lived through strife, hatred, brutality and war; this is what is called history and heritage. Please.....if we start disecting the english language and find offense to any word or reference of strife throughout the ages, we are limiting ourselves to a vocabulary of 100 words. Black & Tans are served in Irish Pubs, I have enjoyed many a black & tan. These are just words, not the starting of a revolution - grow up you offended idiots and find a better cause to stand behind.

James E. Cooper on 4/24/2006 11:05:00 AM said...

I guess we better contact every bar in the country and tell them not to serve black and tans. better contact the people who bottle the black and tans, which have been bottled for, how many years? ten, twenty, thirty? If you're going to get upset about something being called black and tan, don't wait so long next time.

James E. Cooper on 4/24/2006 11:06:00 AM said...

I guess we better contact every bar in the country and tell them not to serve black and tans. better contact the people who bottle the black and tans, which have been bottled for, how many years? ten, twenty, thirty? If you're going to get upset about something being called black and tan, don't wait so long next time.

Anonymous said...

There is another meaning for September 11th. 911. And we haven't changed the call signs for our emergency phone lines, yet. Because it would be CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

As an Irish person living in the States, I can see the drink but am also aware of the history. I had brothers of my grandparents tortured by the Black and Tans. B AND J can call it what they like, but it was silly marketing, and the person who does research for marketing names, should get the chop.

To the folks who have clearly had enough of political correctness, and the sensitivity of minorities, you are right to be peeved. But of course the Irish are going to say "What the hell?"

Imagine a "Gestapo" flavor in a few years time, or even in 80 years time, "Bin Laden with Nuts".

Are you telling me many Americans won't be peeved?

Us offended people accept Ben and Jerry's rights, just as some of the obnoxious "potato" posters have rights, as well as ourselves the "offended".

Anonymous said...

What a lack of research by B and J. I've never had one of these drinks for this reason.

They were notoriously muderous - in fact many were criminals released from prison in the UK and sent to Ireland as a force for "Law and Order". One time, they drove a tank into Croke Park where a Gaelic Football match was going on, and they randomnly shot into the crowd, killing men women and children, on a Sunday afternoon.

I would hope they would discontinue the name of brand!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whining pussies! Get the sand out of your vagninas you PC cry babies!

Kent MacDonald on 4/24/2006 12:40:00 PM said...

it was named after a beer. man, you guys REALLY need to lighten up. this is beyond ridiculous. seriously. come on.

Chad | on 4/24/2006 12:54:00 PM said...

To all you whiney b*tches, my hound dog is a black and tan. Are you gonna take up arms against global breeders?

Justyn said...

If you are offeneded by the name of an ice cream, congratulations, your an idiot. You could have an Ice cream named Osama's Orange Vanilla and it wouldn't offend me at all. It's ice cream for heaven sakes. Get over it and get a life.

Anonymous said...

I agree witht he last fella..

I drink Irish car bombs, Black and tans and eat rabbit stew and I am of irish descent.
Big whoop!

If Ben and Jerry folds on this they need to tip over and let all the bong resin pour out then they may be able to think clearly

BTW if you are blogging I can place a bet that your were not alive and niether were your parents in the 20's.. gramps ok

This is just like violence and nudity on TV if you find it offensive turn it off, get over yourself!

AC/DC said it best...

"Have a drink on me!"

Anonymous said...

Anyone taking offense to this really seriously needs to take a step back.. pull the stick out of their ass and get a life.

It's ICE CREAM you anal retentive twits.. jeeze *_*

rappysocks on 4/24/2006 05:53:00 PM said...

GODAM this page is getting more hits than a website featuring The Olsen twins in a lesbian menage-a-trois With Paris Hilton !

Anonymous said...

"The first known reference to the expression Black & Tan was in reference to a breed of beagles used as hunting dogs in Ireland."

If this is true then I am taking a stand here and now! Those poor dogs! If they had a voice I'm they would tell you that THEY are offended. Not about having ic cream named afer them (heck, the like it!) but abour having a group of terrorist named after them... Those poor puppies... :-(

That's all!

P.S. GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE! It's ice cream (named after a DRINK!)

Anonymous said...

I don't think name calling is appropriate (however tempted I may be) but the problem I have is that it's such a big deal! I don't give a crap if you take offense to something just DON'T MAKE IT MY PROBLEM!! I am offended by ugly, fat people who wear skimpy clothes and have there fat rolls hanging out. However, you don't see me starting a political fight on some website against the makers of said skimpy clothes! FYI, I am an overweight person BUT I choose to wear clothes that actually cover my 'spare parts.' :-)


P.S. I am all for starting a campaign for those poor doggies.


Anonymous said...

Take the cake out of your mouth and shut the fuck up fat ass

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only dumb people have an issue with people who are overweight. No I am not fat - I'm an underwear model - I happen to be 136 lbs and I am 5' 8". It takes an insecure asswipe to give a crap what a person looks like.

That said, he or she, made a very good point. You can have issues and be offended by whatever you want but you don'e need to make a big deal over something this STUPID! Everyone on here (including myself) is waisting his and her time arguing over the name of an ice cream! No one is going to get through to the fools who are making a big deal about it so most of you need to get a life and some of us need to get back to ours...

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't a "Wet Shitter". After you shit you wipe your ass so many times, yet it still feels unwiped, so you have to resort to putting toilet paper up your asshole so you will not ruin the pairs of underwear you claim to "model" with a nasty shit stain.

Well, I am going to go waist some more time watching Cops while muching on oreo cookies

Anonymous said...

Good lord, until just a few minutes ago I had never even known there was such a hting as a junk food blog. Then I see we've made it all the way from Black and Tan to shit stains. Real nice. If you type anything on this about "shit stains" you are a shit stain. Now, back to my original point: If you seriously get your panties in a wad bec an ice cream flavor name, then you really need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

you need to learn how to spell correctly. people might take you seriously instead
of thinking you're a joke.

Art Vandelay on 4/25/2006 04:05:00 AM said...

Being both Irish and American, I think this blog is very entertaining drinking material. I have forwarded this to both the Howard Stern Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Hopefully I will get my 10 secons of fame via this blog.

-Cheers to the Beers

Anonymous said...

You know, this was entertaining to read. Now there are a bunch of assholes on here (you know who you are; I'm sure you've been called one before). So this is me, signing off!

Anonymous said...

I think we need peace on earth, goodwill to man so I suggest we change the name of Black & Tan to Jews & Christians, Cowboys & Indians, North & South, Men, Women & Boys, or pantyhose or knee highs. Why can't we just get along as Rodney said. Come on people, IT IS ONLY MILK, EGGS, CREAM & SUGAR. While we are on the subject doesn't green beans sound like a tree hugger term. It amazes us the attention to ICE CREAM.

HaVoK said...

I certainly hope all of the self-righteous people on this page make it their business to invade every drinking establishment in the world to 're-educate' people as to the pain and suffering being created everytime someone orders a 'Black & Tan.' Who cares if those people are 99% of the time proud to be ordering something they consider to be fundamentally Irish, and therefore good. Clearly, they are part of the oppression and must be stopped. Or...just maybe....people could just relax a little bit. The drink is tasty. So is the ice-cream. If you are so put off by a damn name, I can only hope that Ben & Jerry's doesn't need your business in the first place.

Anonymous said...

How unfortunate that this discussion has so quickly digressed from "perhaps this ice cream name is not so appropriate" to "I hate you fucking yanks / liberals / Irish, etc... thinking that you can express your opinions!"
Why don't we all try to prove how educated and proper we are by leaving personal assaults, generalizations, and devaluation of the history of other countries out of it?

Anonymous said...

Listen you whiney knob jockey's. So what if the Brit's fucked the Irish over. Who really gives a toss. Why not call the ice cream a B-Special or knee-cap surprise. Fuckin'people so worried about Irish heritage - why not fuck off to Ireland if you love the shithole so much.

Derry_boy said...

Americans are insensitive dicks.

Fairy_Boy on 5/02/2006 04:23:00 AM said...

I agree, way too sensitive, DAMN THAT MTV!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just bought 10,000 worth of black and tan ice cream to show my support.

Will donate it to the foodbank.

I have always thought of black and tan the drink....

Anonymous said...

hummm i am 1/4 irish but i am a american born and raised 2nd generation. Never heard of black and tan except for the drink and the many african amercain bars. ooo wait i think there is a tanning loation called that too. wonder if they are going to go after them too. It's 2 words put together nothing more nothing less. we are talking about the 1920's and they are no longer. get over it. Life is wayyyyyyy to short to make such a idiotic issue out of this. the only people that can be offended by something like this people with to much time on their hands they should said somthing many years ago when the drink or bars tanning loations and many other things that have been named it since then. If the ice cream taste good then i will buy it and eat if not i wont. I will not discrimnate aginest a name.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to see this article, with photos, re the sacking of Cork in 1920 by the Black and Tans.
There are very real reasons why the Irish are "sensitive" regarding the name Black and Tans.


Anonymous said...

Get a life you weirdo`s. I`m suprised irish catholics aren`t complaining about "orange" drinks. The world is a sad place indeed.

Anonymous said...

Your mama pumps gas

Anonymous said...

Your mama pumps gas

Jesse on 5/13/2006 09:02:00 AM said...

I'm offended that people think a Black and Tan is Guiness and Harp. No, that is called a "Half and Half." A Black and Tan is Guiness Stout and Bass Ale.

Let's get it right.

Jesse on 5/13/2006 09:06:00 AM said...

I'm going out to buy a couple of pints now. Somebody oughta call Bono on this. He'll get it resolved!

Anonymous said...

The Boston papers interviewed South Boson Irish bar owners and to summerize: If we had a problem with the name, why would we be serving the drink? Let's also mention that outside of Ireland itself, Boston has the highest percentage of Irish immigrants and descendants per capita than anywhere else on this side of the planet. No groups of Irish have protested outside of any supermarkets here...nor have there been any reports of busloads of Irish driven over to the B&J plant to protest. If the ice cream had a picture of a black & tan soldier on the front, then get all uppity and pull out your official POLITICAL CORRECTNESS POLICE uniforms and go crazy. BUT NO! The package CLEARLY has a picture of the DRINK. If Black & Tan with a picture of the drink equate military armies and death, then in the name of idiotic political correctness, why can't I equate Vermonty Pyton with British troops that killed members of my family and extended family? What difference does it make if it was 90 years ago or 190 years ago? Maybe some of you can help me protest Vermonty Python since it is related to the British. Maybe I should chastise myself for driving a Mitsubishi because I also had relatives killed in WWII. Should I cross off buying a Volkswagen off my list of cars as long as I live? To top it off, my ex-wife is black, so now I can't get gass at Shell gas stations becasue the parent company is Royal Dutch Shell and we all know about how the Dutch and England ties into slavery. Does all that sound preposterous and stupid? Not as preposterous or as stupid as complaining about ice cream named after a drink does. If you're going to hit such a radical tangent in political correctness, why don't you just go all the way?? Protest EVERYTHING that ties in ANY WAY to something that ALMOST relates to something bad. Why don't you all give up religion because of all the people that died from religious violence? Why don't youhate all people named Ted? Ted Bundy was named Ted. Where does it stop?? When did political correctness go from being something valiant to such an idiotic pandemic? I bet it was idiots like you that got Crayola to rename the Indian Red crayon because of it's offensiveness to Native Americans even though it had NOTHING to do with them. Rather it was named after the color of some red clay/dirt in INDIA! Political correctness has gone TOO far. Was the beer named after the group or could it have been named after *GASP* the color of the brew??? What a SILLY thought! Name a black and tan beer...Black & Tan!! Que lastima! Oh, we can't sell Black & Tan, I mean, African Americans might be offended. Oh, and i can't call anything wet because it might offend a Mexican. Saying the word tan might upset them too. ENOUGH!! I will refuse to buy B&J because they DIDN'T grow a set and tell people to go bug off. Garcia was a druggie alcoholic who died in his sleep during a rehab stint...why aren't all the Alcoholics Anonymous people all up in arms? Hm?

PC has gone way too far and it needs to stop.


Alan B said...

Hello fromm Dublin.

Anyone who is getting bent out of shape about the name of this ice cream needs to take the chip off their shoulder and get a life.

Tanning Lotion on 6/10/2006 09:54:00 AM said...

This ice cream is awesome.

Roger said...


One of these anonymous folk said, "Life has moved on and grudges lost thank god but Irish people are still very proud of the men that fought for us! So thats the reason for thinking this new peoduct is in bad taste." I submit that life has not moved on in Ireland and that grudges have not been lost. That is why some Irish people are so raw-sensitive about what they perceive as insults, intended or not, and why they are still killing each other. Take a step into the 21st century, practice tolerance and forgiveness, and leave the past behind. Sean O'Dean

By Sean O'Dean, at 4/21/2006 06:14:44 PM

First of all It was a funny read. And I also very much would like to taste this ice-cream.

And the above quoted comment made me laugh too. Such a statement coming from a american, when you see what their elected government does (how pervert).

Kind regards from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 11:25:12 -0500 (EST)
From: "Ben & Jerry's ChunkMail"
Subject: Do us a Flavor!

Black and Tan Ice Cream. If you are a beer aficionado, then Black & Tan is for you. And even if your name isn’t Paddy O’Reilly, we suspect that once you’ve tasted the way we’ve blended real cream stout ice cream with a whirl of dark chocolate, you’ll be dancing a jig.
I’m truely amazed at the depths people will go to ignore the fact that in America a Black and Tan mixed with cream is an Irish Car Bomb. Oh yeah, and if you light a shot of cognac on fire and throw that into the mix it’s called a Belfast Car Bomb.
[How Paddy O’Reilly Got to Heaven]
Unilever as a soap company is trying to atone for its sins here and has made a penitent-Magdalene-Maghdalen (pron. maudlin: magh means "fertile plain" in Irish) apology.
I suggest you all go in and order an Irish Monk instead. It uses Fra Angelico hazelnut liqueur and sounds much tastier.

Anonymous said...

The spiderman movie was released shortly after 9/11/2001

Rather than risk offending American sensibilities, scenes of him swinging between the twin towers were deleted.

To pc or not pc.... good for the goose....

J Edgar Hoover, wore a size 8 Dress.

Anonymous said...

Oy... *facepalms* Ok, speaking as an American of Irish descent, and an educated one, and a globally-minded one at that. (Yes, not of all Yanks are ignorant as the rest of the world thinks. Some of us even pay attention to international events and news! Shockers!) Yes, I'm well aware of the dark history that the original name referred to, as well as the American created drink that obviously inspired the cream stout and chocolate flavored concoction. (Which while unusual, isn't bad by the way.)

This is just another example of marketers not properly doing their research when they should have been thinking of a product's impact on the global market. Or they assumed, 'Well, we're mostly just marketing it to Americans who only know of the drink. No worries, right?' Obviously, they, like many, need to realize the world is shrinking in terms of international impact. Much of the populated world is not as isolated as it used to be, and Ben and Jerry's PR dept was belated in realizing it.

They've since apologized for their mistake, and are trying to make up for their gaff. Perhaps maybe offering the proceeds of the product sales to a particular charity of Irish interest might be a way to salvage their image.

Anyway, that's their problem now, they're well aware of their mistake. Name calling and insults only compound the communication problems. Agree to disagree, folks. And if you truly have a problem, don't buy the product, or you can engage a boycott. That's reasonable and understandable.

Ireland. said...

Our Irish history.Our Irish pain.Our Irish drink.

A black and tan drink originated from Our country.From Our Bars.From Our Barmen and women.English bass pourexd first then Irish guiness,ensuring that the Irish remained on top.Our attemot to rise against and above the oppression in Our Country.

Our oppression.Our fathers-fathers,Our mothers-mothers.Shot.Raped.Beaten.Killed.
By gangs known as black and tans.

Known as black and tans because of the colour of their uniform.Uniforms.Black and Tan.Camoflage for surprise.Camoflage that meant my mothers mother and my fathers father couldnt see them.

Call me too pc,call me too sensitive,call me too old-fashioned.But call me Irish.

Say its only icecream.Say its only a name.But say if it was your family.Say if it was your country.Say if it was your pain?

Róis said...

Aztecs,Incas,American Indians,Irish,Italians,Mexicans,African-Americans,more recently Iraqai's and I'm sure much more to come.As a country of what,200 years old or so,"the land of the free" have been the oppressor of so many.The oppresed by none.

So why try to silence my disgust at the name "black and tans" when those three words and their historical connotations run deep in Ireland to a level the USA couldnt possibly understand?!

How dare americans criticise those who voice their anger of past political and cultural oppression when they know nothing more of this oppresion other than how to cause it.

Anonymous said...

This blog is nice. There is so many different junk foods. Regarding some american replies...Oh forget it. You should stick to denying global warming, trampling everyone’s civil rights, stealing everyone else’s oil and bombing the crap out of countries that haven’t sent the White House a Christmas card in 10 years.

Tanning Beds on 8/08/2006 11:32:00 AM said...

Sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Are mee wee one's, ye olde black and tan is a wee bit tastier than eatin tater's on the dirt floor of our cottage with the 30 wee one's crying!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, "Wow!"

A lot of people have used a lot of words and name-calling to suggest that words and names don't mean anything. Actually, words do count for a lot. Whoever said that the pen is mightier than the sword?

Now, if you want to see upsetment, try drawing a sketch of Mohammad. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, have you read The Nigger of the Narcissus lately?

Perhaps not, because the title has become so offensive that a lot of colleges in the U.S. have stopped including it in their curriculum.

Anonymous said...

I've only read about half of the hundreds of comments here, but I can't read any further with people spouting off nonsense about "the drink was named after the military group." Rubbish. The drink has been around since the 18th century, with the name "black & tan" recorded as early as 1889 -- and not in America, but in the British Isles.

Please, people, get your facts right. Wikipedia article

Oh and by the way, where's that 18th century drink called The Twin Towers? Oh wait that's right, it doesn't exist. Pity.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I would love to try it. We are in Tampa but have never seen it yet.
If you know where we can get it here, please post it.

P and D

Mike Rotch said...

OMGSH! It's like having Australians reject Turkish Delights because of everything that happened in WorldWar1...!!!
1/2 the world know nothing about the Black and Tans...!!! We should be taking more offense to the Turkish Delights... At least the world knows... It is a World War!
It's ice-cream...

Is it good ice-cream?:P :D
We need to keep the past and move into the future.

May as well be Big Bird with all comments as pathetic as these... said...

Come on! It's pretty much frozen milk with a bucket of sugar thrown in!!! Tastes fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Geez... Wonder what the Black and Tan's descendents/future are thinking about all this...

Anonymous said...

What about all those in war now?! There would an enormous uproar if an ice-cream name became something to do with the war in the Middle East.

This only affects like 300 people... That would affect the whole world... Lives(living breathing organisms) are more important than some fat stuck in freezer...

Anonymous said...

Wow this has legs!!! anyway, people telling the irish to relax have added nothing here. the irish are relaxed, i find it pretty stupid that some one would celebrate irishness by naming an icecream 'black and tan' its hillarious in its stupidity!!! And yes it is like bringing domino's bringing out a spicy pizza called 'Hitlers oven' on israeli independance day.

and before people dismiss it like they have been it is that emotive for irish people, like it or not

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as a black and tan (drink) in Ireland, but no one calls it that because if you do, someone within earshot will kick the everlovin shit outta you. Order a half and half and they'll pour you guinness and harp.

While it may seem to many that the attrocities commited by the black and tans was a long time ago, there are still people alive who remember it (though they were children at the time) and thousands more who are the children and grandchildren of those who lived in fear and were raised on the songs and stories. The term black and tan carries the same weight of fear and anger in an Irish household - particularly those decended directly from the people terrorized by the 'tans as Hitler, Nazi, Holocaust and Concentration Camp do in a Jewish household. Raised in an Irish/ Jewish family, both give me the chills.

However, those getting their knickers in a fiery twist over it I think are overreacting. No one in America has ever heard of the black and tans unless it was from family or Irish friends. As far as the States are concerned black and tan is guinness and bass (poor sods) and has no other conotation. I think the folk and Ben and Jerry's would naturally be completely ignorant of the association of the term for the Irish and that ignorance should not be held against them (how much foreign history do any of us learn, really).

I think everyone should make themselves a nice beer float with a scoop of Black and Tan Ice Cream inna pint of Half and Half and have a good laugh about it.

Eain go bragh

Anonymous said...

Read your history the Black & Tans consisted of approx 33 % Irish men in a force of approx 2000. They were not all English. By the way it is only ice cream. Before I forget, if you are born in the USA you are American not Irish. One last thing did the US Govt treat the native Americans correctly - e.g. Wounded Knee.

Anonymous said...

It's actually spelt "Éireann go Brách"

Ger Mooney said...

Just to add my cents worth, a lot more people were murdered, tortured and raped by the black and tans then you will realize, our families were terrorized by the black and tans in one form or another for a very very long time.

How dare you indeed talk down any pain we feel? *tear*

As for the ice-cream, genuine mistake and I think it was a great effort on the behalf of the company and I thank them as an Irish citizen.

Maybe just change the name to Ma's Milk?

Anonymous said...

"Here is what I have to say to you people who complain about the name Black and Tan.
You now live in America if you don't like the name Move your Butt back to Ireland! maybe they want offend you! Oh but wait you would lose the Freedoms That Living in
AMERICA gives you!! Grow up it is only a Name of an Ice Cream are you complaing about the Beer name too? Besides what you are complaining about is in the past GET OVER IT!!!"

* You don't have to live in America to use the internet.

* There are much fewer 'freedoms' with life in America than in the Republic of Ireland.

* People living in Ireland have never, ever heard of the drink 'black&tans'. Nor would we ever, ever tarnish stout with beer. Christ!

* The Black and Tans were an extremely violent group who killed thousands of innocent people. Of course the name is offensive to Irish people.

* By Irish people I refer to people who were born and raised in Ireland.

* Nobody is saying the company meant to offend. That doesn't make it any less offensive to Irish people.

* I like using stars.

* mmm hmmm

Anonymous said...

ok guys. everyone knows that we, as Americans, are completely culturally insensitive, so i dont see why you're so surprised. yes Black and Tans are a very popular drink here in the states, the Irish woud normally just call them half and halfs.

they didnt do their research. they apologized. stop crying.

Anonymous said...

What made me laugh even more is the idiots messed up the apology by calling it a "unit of the British Army", which it clearly wasn't.

Another thing that amused me was the complaint and then the comment urging people to look up an IRA rebel song.
Considering the amount of people they killed and all those rebel songs you boys dance to I would suggest getting a thicker skin.

Anonymous said...

"* The Black and Tans were an extremely violent group who killed thousands of innocent people. Of course the name is offensive to Irish people."

But so was the IRA that they was sent in to battle, the IRA aggresion came first, the post incident changing of history came afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Just in time for Martin Luther King Day, we have KKK ice cream. But don't worry folks, "KKK" denotes a type of beer and not the wretched Ku Klux Klan.

You knew better, so why did you go there with the St. Patricks Day comment? I know you meant no harm, but you definitely made error in judgement.


Anonymous said...

Hey! This is the internet! What is the internet for, if not for arguing with people we'll never have an intelligent discussion with face-to-face? It's all about throwing insults and getting people as riled up as possible. I'm willing to bet that some of the people posting here don't care one way or the other, they just choose a side and argue for the sake of argument. The internet is where the cowards come out, where they can pick fights under a veil of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

You people invented political correctness, not us, so you shouldn't be hypocritical about it.

I'm Irish and it doesn't bother me, I think it's quite funny - and my grandad was almost shot by the Black and Tans - just yet another dumb mistake by marketing people, but the abusive crap on this thread does bother me.

Becca said...

If Ben and Jerry's made an "Al Qaeda" ice-cream you americans would go mental and would probably start another war over it!! stop insulting the people who got offended by this. I'm Irish and have lived here all my life, and although I'm sure Ben and Jerry's didnt MEAN to be offensive, they were right to appologise as it did justly offend some people. Just think, if it was a reference to american opression or terrorism you wouldnt be so flippant about it.

Anonymous said...

wow what a load of irrelivant arguing! yes it was dumb of ben an jerrys......shud a done a little more market research i reckon....releasing it on paddys day! haha! its funny! im 26 and Irish and i can honestly say i have never in my life heard someone ordering a black an tan in the pub. it is not drank in ireland its actually an english drink, so for those non irish who tink we hav no grounds for complaint as we drink black an tan....get ur facts right. k

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example why I am ashamed to be American sometimes. Not always just sometimes. Totally disregarding a countrie's history, while respecting our own is disguising self centered behavior.

So what if you don't know Irish history.It still exist. Maybe they don't know ours either. I'm not black but should their history and struggles be forgotten? I'm not Jewish but should their persecutions be forgotten also? I'm not Arabic, but yeah as an American their painful excruciation over the centuries would be definitely forgotten, correct? You people need a serious reality check.

Now, one can argue over their intent. Yes, their is a drink called Black and Tan. it appears to have been their main objective when developing the ice cream. However it may be or may not be concessional that they picked a Irish holiday with the name of a painful Irish part of their history attached to it.

It is not good business practices to go "pissing off and offending" a large population of consumers. Someone in their marketing department should be advised them better.

Marian on 2/01/2011 05:43:00 PM said...

Seriously - is this why I can't find this ice cream anymore?! I think you are ALL missing the point. This was the best f-ing ice cream I have ever tasted. Seriously - so awesome that I ate it all and didn't leave any for my husband. I went back to the store to get him some and there was NONE. I haven't been able to find it since.

If the name annoyed people because they thought of history instead of the DRINK the ice-cream flavor was OBVIOUSLY based on, could they PLEASE rename it and sell some to my local supermarket. That would be keen.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any fat black dudes wrote B and J when they made chunky monkey? Did a male gymnast write when they made banana split? Did pornstars in boston complain about boston cream pie? purple passion fruit sorbet, gay men must have been all about protesting that one.

I cant believe that anyone could get so offended. I have many family members that have died of cancer and there is no way you would find me protesting the release of a tumors of chocolate flavor. i cant believe people made them apologize for making such an awesome ice cream.

Its nowhere to be found on their website even. they should atleast put it in the graveyard.

Wee_Doll said...

After just finding this, all i can say is people need to have a bit of respect. History is history whether things happened 10 years ago or 100 years ago it still happened and is still affecting people.
For people whose families were personally affected by the black & tans all those years ago i can understand how this is very disrespectful to them to promote this name. Its not something you want plastered around being advertised to bring back memories of how cruelly your family ware treated by them. And considering most Americans haven't got an actual clue who or what the Black & Tans actually were (apart from a drink) then i think they should just shut it and that includes '2nd generations' etc too.
I live in Northern Ireland and it is still very much a touchy subject among everyone.

So for all you Americans or Irish living in America or anyone else going on saying that it doesn't bother you... Well that's just great. But if you move to Ireland or Northern Ireland then you'll understand the hatred!!

That's all i'm saying!

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