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09 March, 2006

Bawls Military Gift Pack

Hobarama LLC, the maker of Bawls mints and energy drinks, is now offering a Bawls Military Gift Pack.

The pack consists of...

  • Six Pack of Bawls Guarana Cans - Yup, cans. Bawls is now packaging its energy drink in cans just for this gift pack.

  • Tin of Bawls Mints - A 75 piece container of its high caffeine guarana mints.

  • Bawls Balm Lip Care - to protect those lips from desert winds

  • Bawls Brand Camoflauge Playing Cards - It's camoflauge so that the ranking officers won't notice what their men are doing
Costs only $15.00 plus shipping. Bawls will deliver only to APO, FPO, and military base addresses.

See our earlier article on Bawls Mints.


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