29 March, 2006

Perry's Ice Cream - New Varieties

Perry's Ice Cream - New VarietiesAkron, NY-based Perry's Ice Cream added some new flavors to its line of "Pint Size Temptations!" ice cream.

The new varieties are "Caramel Cup Craze", (vanilla ice cream with mini caramel cups and swirls of caramel), as well as "Cookie Dough", "Panda Paws Mint", "Panda Paws Chocolate", "Peanut Butter Chip", and "Cherry Grande".

They're sold in pint sized tubs retailing for $2.49 each.
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Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters

Chocolate Covered Nutter ButtersKraft Foods finally decided dip their Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies in chocolate.

As if the name wasn't long enough already, now it's even longer: "Nabisco Pure Milk Chocolate Covered Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie".

Package text reads, "We dipped your favorite Nutter Butter Cookie in smooth pure milk chocolate for an incredible taste experience. Savor the layers of delicious cookie, peanut butter creme, and rich pure chocolate."

They're made in Canada, and sold in a 7.5 oz. (212g) box in the USA, at a retail price of $2.99.
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Pumpernickel Pretzel Sandwiches

Pumpernickel Pretzel SandwichesHere's a yummy idea. Take an Oreo cookie, but replace the cookies with pretzels, and replace the cream filling with jalapeno cheese.

That's what Snyder's of Hanover did. New "Pumpernickel Pretzel Sandwiches", seem like it might be best thing that happened to beer in a long time.

They're sold in an 8 oz. (226.8g) foil bag for $3.29. Packaging says it has zero trans fat.
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Lady Walton's - New Varieties

Lady Walton's - New VarietiesDallas, TX-based Lady Walton's Gourmet Cookies, Inc. has some new varieties of cookies available.

The line of Lady Walton's cookies are chocolate filled wafer cookies.

The new flavors include, "White Chocolate French Vanilla", "Creamy Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter", "Dark Chocolate Raspberry" (pictured), and "White Chocolate Lemon Zest".
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Booozah Gelato

Booozah GelatoStow, MA-based Booozah LLC is selling a new line of frozen treats called "Booozah".

Marketed as "the Phoenician frozen dessert", it's a combination of Italian gelato, Turkish and Middle Eastern ice cream recipes all mixed together to produce a unique tasting product.

The flavors include "Exotic Mango", "White Orchid (Haleeb)", "White Orchid Supreme (Ashta)", "Greek Chios Mastic (Miskeh)", "Nutty Chocolate", "Pistachio Delight", "Apricot & Raisins (Amer El Deen)", "Smooth Strawberry", "Fresh Kiwi", "Wild Blackberry (Toot)", and "Zesty Lemon".

Booozah is said to contain real fruit, a much less butter fat content than in milk based flavors (by using 2 percent milk), and uses ingredients such as rose water, orange blossom water, Greek mastic gum, and sahlab (a natural form that comes from orchid tubers).

Visit a list of store locations.
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Belli Cantuccini Cookies

Belli Cantuccini CookiesLettieri & Co., Ltd., a food importer, is marketing a new line of cookies from Belli Cantuccini.

The line is available in the USA, and come in four varieties, "Almond", "Chocolate", "Lemon" and "Coffe".

They're sold in 8.81 oz. (250g) boxes, and 8.81 oz. (250g) cans.

A couple of the varieties are selling on Amazon.com
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Muffin Top Cookies

Muffin Top CookiesThe newest offering from Franklin Lakes, NJ-based Curious Cookie are "Muffin Top Cookies".

If you can imagine eating only the soft warm moist tops of a muffin, and then realize its a cookie, that's what Curious Cookie set about trying to accomplish.

Muffin Top Cookies contain all natural mid-western dried fruits combined with all natural fruit extracts to provide a vibrant fruit based cookie.

The line include four varieties, "Orange Cranberry", "Blueberry", "Strawberry", and "Berry Blast". You can also buy them in an assortment.

Prices range anywhere from $16.95 for a 6-pack, to $49.95 for a 24-count basket.
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Brent & Sam's Pure Naturals - New Varieties

Brent & Sam's Pure Naturals - New VarietiesLittle Rock, AR-based Brent & Sam's Cookies, Inc. released a couple new varieties to its line of Pure Naturals cookies.

Ginger Spice is now available, while Triple Chocolate Bliss is expected soon.

The Pure Naturals line is made with 60 percent organic ingredients, with no added preservatives or additives, and is kosher certified OUD.

They are sold in a 7 oz. recycled paper box, for $2.99 each, available in health food stores, or by calling the company.
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28 March, 2006

Pierre's Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream

http://www.pierres.com/smooth_churned_intro_page2.shtmlCleveland, OH-based Pierre's French Ice Cream Co. introduced a new line of ice cream called, "Pierre's Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream".

Presented in a resealable cardboard carton, the new frozen dessert claims to feature 1/2 the fat and 30 percent fewer calories than regular ice cream (whatever "regular ice cream" is).

Flavors include "Black Cherry Vanilla", "Chocolate Silk", "Mint Chocolate Chip", and "Vanilla".

The "Smooth Churned" name refers to Pierre's special process that creates an extra creamy, smooth mouthfeel in a light ice cream comparable to full-fat premium ice cream.
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Friendly's Sundaes-to-Go Ice Cream

http://www.friendlys.com/locations/Friendly Ice Cream Corporation launched a new brand of ice cream called "Sundaes-to-Go".

It's actually the same product as their "Sundae Cup" line, but rebranded with a new name to emphasize portability.

Varieties include:

Nutty Caramel Crunch
Original Fudge
Reduced Fat Original Fudge Cup
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter Fudge Cup
Reduced Fat Original Fudge
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter Fudge
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Reese's Pieces

Available at all Friendly's restaurant locations.
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Spring Blooms Chocolate Covered Fruit

http://www.capecodprovisions.com/Pocasset, MA-based Cape Cod Provisions LLC is offering a line of milk chocolate fruit under the brand, "Spring Blooms".

The line includes Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries and Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries.

They're packagaed in 10 oz. gable-top boxes adorned with fresh cut tulips in soft pastel colors. Suggested retail price is $9.99.
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Frooties - Lime Cola

Frooties - Lime ColaTootsie Roll Industries, Inc. released a new "Lime Cola" flavor to its line of Frooties fruit flavored chewy candy.

Frooties Lime Cola is described as providing a tart lime edge with a smooth cola note finish.

They're sold in a 400-count bag.
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Torn Ranch Vintage Reserve Wine Truffles

Torn Ranch Vintage Reserve Wine TrufflesNovato, CA-based Torn Ranch recently began offering "Vintage Reserve Wine Truffles".

They're made with a wine reduction that is incorporated into the ganache center. The varieties are, "Chardonnay", "Cabernet", "Champagne", "Port", and "Sake".

Each variety is sold in a box containing four 2 oz. chocolate truffles. A Vintage Reserve Wine Truffles Gift Box is also available in an 8-count package containing four varieties excluding the Sake.
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27 March, 2006

Rural Route 1 Popcorn

http://www.ruralroute1.com/Aboutus.aspLivingston, WI-based Rural Route 1, Inc. has a line of gourmet, ready-to-eat popcorn, billed as the "Popcorn for Chocolate Lovers".

Their most popular is K'Nuckle Ivory Almond, described as a creamy medley of popcorn, almonds & luscious white fudge.

Another variety, RC Snakle, is a tantalizing blend of sweet popcorn & tart cranberries smothered in luscious white fudge.

There's also C.C. Winkle, described as caramel corn and cashews dipped in creamy fudge.

These varieties are packaged in 6 oz. (170g) boxes and 8 oz. (226g) tins in the USA.
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Trader Joe's - Joe-Joe's

Trader Joe's - Joe-Joe'sTrader Joe's is now offering "Joe-Joe's All Natural Sandwich Cookies".

The Oreo knock-off has vanilla bean cream inside the two chocolate cookies. They're sold in a 20 oz. box, and are made with natural flavors and colors, and actually has vanilla bean speckles right in the cream.

The suggested retail price is $2.49.
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Emily's Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Emily's Dark Chocolate Covered BlueberriesFife, WA-based Ames International, Inc. is offering "Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries" under their Emily's brand.

They are presented in a 6 oz. (170g) stand-up resealable bag flagged, "All natural".

Also new are Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries.

This is the same company known for their Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies.
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Kras 1911 Bars

Kras 1911 BarsNew Kras 1911 Bars are produced in Croatia and distributed in the USA by Adria Imports, Inc.

The candy bars are offered in "Finest Milk", "50% Finest Cacao", and "Finest Hazelnuts" varieties.

Packaged in overwrapped 100g sizes, the suggested retail price is $2.49 each.
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Galerie Au Chocolat - Gourmet Goodies

Galerie Au Chocolat - Gourmet GoodiesHebron, KY-based Galerie Au Chocolat has introduced a new brand of candy corn called "Gourmet Goodies".

Sold in glass jars, the candy comes in Cherry, Tangerine and Green Apple flavors.
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Prestige Premium Ice Cream

Winn-Dixie Prestige Premium Ice CreamWinn-Dixie Stores is offering its own brand of premium ice cream under the Prestige brand.

It's packaged in a seal-top container so the last spoonful is as fresh as the first. The signature line of ice cream comes in flavors of, "Fishin' for Chocolate", "Carmel Coyote", "Strawberry", and "Mint Chocolate Chip."

According to product literature, all flavors are made with top quality ingredients and are held at high scrutiny for flavor and performance before they are approved for shipping.
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Tiger Soy Soynuts Crunch

Tiger Soy Soynuts CrunchChinese-based Hongteng Peanut Co., Ltd. introduced new "Soynuts Crunch" in the USA.

They're marketed under the Tiger Soy brand name and are available in a Lime & Chile variety. The Soy Nuts are baked, all natural and free of GMO.
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SnackWorld P-Nut Crackers

New "P-Nut Crackers" are finding their way into United States with the help of Australian-based distributor SRS QLD Pty. Ltd., who stamped the "SnackWorld" brand on the bag.

They're made in China, by some manufacturer which I don't have the name of, and are offered in Cheese and BBQ varieties. It's described as being a "nutty nibble", and the package is tagged with, "Baked - Not fried!".

The ingredients list includes peanuts, and wheat flour.
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26 March, 2006

Gimbals Lava Balls

Gimbals Lava BallsGimbals Fine Candies of San Francisco, CA has a new flavor, "Lava Balls - Chewy Cinnamon Candy".

Described as "an eruption of Real Cinnamon!", they're packaged in a 7 oz. (198g) plastic bag and are said to be kosher pareve. The LavaBalls are free of nuts, trans fat, gelatin, gluten, dairy and eggs.
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Lay's Latino Style Potato Chips

Lay's Latino Style Potato ChipsPepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd., which produces the line of Lay's potato chips in India, has a new variety called "Latino Style".

Exactly what does a "Latino" taste like? Apparently, something like Hot Peppers & Salsa, according to the bag.

I thought it was odd to see the word "Latino" used to described a flavor, as opposed to something like "Mexican style". I wonder if they'll be introducing "Negro Style" anytime soon.
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Blue Bell Ice Cream - Lemon Ice Box Pie

http://www.bluebell.com/icecream_new.htmLemon Ice Box Pie is the newest flavor from Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Described as "a sweet and tangy lemon ice cream blended with crunchy graham cracker crust pieces and a whipped topping swirl," it's a seasonal variety packaged in a 1/2 gallon (2 quart) carton.
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Ovidias Chocolates

OvidiasBelgian-based C.V.O. International N.V. - S.A. is marketing a product called "Ovidias".

It's dubbed as "The Coolest Belgian Chocolate Sensation". The whole top of the can pulls off to reveal pieces of individually wrapped chocolates: Trimande (with praline and mocha), the Feuille (with chocolate and mousse), the Manon (with mocha), the Zorba (with ganache mocha), the Cheops (with praline), and the Coeur (with tender praline).

Available for consumers in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.
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Snake Blood Candy

Snake Blood Candy
German-based DOK Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG has a new product out called "Snake Blood".

The top of the tube has the face of a snake, while the tube is filled with a liquid form of sugary goodness. You squeeze the tube, and the "snake blood" oozes out of the snake's face.

Available in Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple flavors, it's priced at €1.00, and distributed in Germany only.
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24 March, 2006

Snickers Hard

Snickers HardMars LLC Russia is marketing a new Snickers bar called "Snickers Hard".

It has a peanut consistency of 29.2%, which is greater than the peanut filling of a standard Snickers bar. (Don't ask me what the percent is for a standard Snickers).

Of course in Russia, where it gets pretty cold, a Snickers bar would naturally harden up.
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LantChips - New Varieties

LantChipsSwedish-based Svenska LantChips AB is selling some new varieties of potato chips in the USA.

The "Scandinavian Style" potato chips now come in Salt & Vinegar, and Mesquite BBQ flavors. They are produced in Sweden and sold in the USA in 5 oz. (141g) bags resembling old-fashioned paper bags.

The "hand cooked" potato chips have a suggested retail price of $1.99 each.
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L'oven Fresh Mini Muffins

L'oven Fresh Mini MuffinsL'oven Fresh Mini Muffins are new in the USA, distributed through Aldi Stores.

The bite-size varieties, Blueberry and Chocolate Chip, are each sold in a box with a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Original Fudge Mini Brownies are also available.
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Gloria's Gourmet Cookies - New Varieties

Gloria's Gourmet CookiesIrvine, CA-based Gloria's Gourmet Cookies Inc. offers some new varieties of sandwich cookies of the same name.

Formerly marketed as "Gloria's Glamorous", new varieties include "Tangy Lemon", "Apricot Filled Lemon", "Organic Lemon with Creme Caramel", "Chocolate with Amazing Chocolate Filling", and "Chocolate with Mint Filling".

Note: The product photo is one of their existing varieties.

The line is also presented in new packaging - gable-top boxes, which resemble stand-up bags.
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Snackin' Bison Sticks

Snackin' Bison SticksShawnee, KS-based New Grass Bison Co. is offering a new line of 100% Bison meat sticks.

They come in five varieties, Classic, Zesty, Spicy Garlic, Spicy Cajun, Spicy Jerk. The latter three spicy varieties are labeled, "Pain is Good", with photos of faces in pain.

You can get a sampler pack of all five varieties for $10.99.
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Truffle Pig Bars

Truffle Pig BarsVancouver, Canada-based Hagensborg Food Ltd is marketing a product in the USA called "Truffle Pig", a chocolate truffle bar.

Product literature states, "Delve beneath the smooth and silky surface to discover the gorgeous milk chocolate truffle."

Varieties include Raspberry, Mint, Mocha, Original Milk, and Orange.

The bar is molded with the shape of three pigs, and comes with a suggested retail price of $2.99.
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Alexandra Watlington Candy Co - Adult Chocolates

Alexandra Watlington Candy Co - Adult ChocolatesSan Francisco, CA-based Alexandra Watlington Candy Co. is offering a new line of Belgian chocolates under the name "Adult Chocolate".

Marketed as "luxury chocolates" they are fairly traded, and made with all natural ingredients from exclusive gourmet recipes, and contain premium quality nuts, along with 32% cocoa (milk chocolate), and 61% cocoa (dark chocolate).

The line includes:

Cocoa Milk Chocolate Rocky Road Clusters
Cocoa Dark Chocolate Marzipan
Milk Toffee Chips
Milk Chocolate English Almond Toffee
Milk Chocolate Caramel
Milk Chocolate Maple Cream
Dark Chocolate Toffee Chips
Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties
Dark Chocolate Cashew Cluster

They're sold in 1oz and 4oz clear plastic peg bags with a suggested retail price of $1.79 (for the 1oz bag). They're also available in 8oz party tubs at $11.99 each.
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Thomas Kinkade Cottage Cookies

Thomas Kinkade Cottage Cookie JarBJ's Wholesale Club is selling this collectible Thomas Kinkade ceramic cookie jar, that comes stocked with cookies inside.

Being that we're Junk Food Blog, and not Cookie Jar Blog, it had to come with some kind of junk food to make it on here!

Anyways, the jar is based Kinkade's painting "Everett's Cottage". Turn the jar over, and you'll find a quote from Tom himself.

Inside the jar are 14 ounces of rich, fudge-striped chocolate chip cookies.

$14.99 from BJ's Wholesale Club. Store locator.
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Pringles Light Aromas

Pringles Light AromasA new variety of Pringles potato chips are on the market in Europe called, "Light Aromas".

It's a low fat variety with 33% less fat than the standard Pringles. According to the website, they're "lightly refined with the finest, naturally flavorful cooking oils".

They come in five flavors, "Spicy Thai", "Red Paprika (pictured)", "Greek Style Cheese Flavor", "Sour Cream and Onion", and "Original".
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23 March, 2006

Buckley's Hand-Crafted Toffee

Buckley's Hand-Crafted ToffeeZion, IL-based Golden Walnut Specialty Foods, Inc. launched a new line of toffee under its Buckley brand.

Buckley's Hand-Crafted Toffee are available in "English Almond" and "Southern Pecan" varieties, and are sold in 4 oz. dual sided gift boxes, and in resealable 16 oz. canisters.

The 16 oz. canister is also sold with a Chocolate Almond Toffee variety. The products are kosher dairy.
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Fart Farm Candy

Fart Farm CandyDutch-based candy maker Bee Company B.V. is marketing a new line of candy called "Fart Farm Candy".

These candies supposedly tell the story of Norman Woods, a grumpy old farmer, and his weird animals, "the Stupid Dog", "the Skinny Pig", "the Cold Turkey" and "the Flat Cat".

Fart Farm Candies, which are available in 175g ring pull cans priced at €2.25, are claimed to be a high source of vitamin C and calcium. The flavors available are lemon lime, strawberry, banana, orange and forest fruit.

Not clear if there is a reason for the "Fart" name, other than marketing value.
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Edy's Girl Scout Ice Cream in Light Variety

Edy's Girl Scout Ice Cream in Light VarietyDreyer's Grand Ice Cream is now offering a light variety of its Girl Scouts line of ice cream, under its Edy's brand.

Light varieties are now available for the Samoas Cookies and Tagalongs cookie flavors.

Samoas Cookies Ice Cream is described as a creamy caramel ice cream with fudge swirls and chunks of Samoas cookies. The Tagalongs variety is a vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and fudge swirls as well as pieces of the famous peanut butter patty cookies mixed in.
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Easter Chocolate Truffle Pops

Rena Chocolates Truffle PopsFor the Easter season, Signature Chocolates by Rena offers this holiday themed "Truffle Pop".

The Chocolate Truffle Pops are solid molded bars of chocolate on a stick filled with dark chocolate ganache.

They also have Christmas and Valentine's Day themed pops as well.
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Banana Creme Filled Twinkies

Banana Creme Filled TwinkiesHostess Twinkies will once again be filled with smooth banana-Creme, the original flavor of the iconic snack cake created 76 years ago this April, but only for a limited time.

In connection with the DVD release of King Kong, Hostess is introducing limited-edition Banana Creme-Filled Twinkies, available in over 30,000 retail locations nationwide beginning March 23, 2006.

This banana-themed promotion is a nostalgic nod to the classic treat, which was made with banana Creme filling until a World War II banana shortage prompted Twinkie bakers to switch to vanilla Creme.
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20 March, 2006

NewTree Chocolates - New Varieties

NewTree ChocolatesNewTree Chocolates has three new varieties available in the USA from Belgian-based NewTree SA. The line of NewTree Chocolates tries to combine gourmet chocolates with fun and provocative packaging.

Among the new varieties are...

"Sexy", a dark chocolate containing natural guarana extract, describes as being excellent for invigorating the body, and ginger shavings.

"Blush", a dark chocolate cherry.

"Cocoon", a cinnamon flavored milk chocolate enriched with soy germ extract, described as having qualities to reduce hormonal imbalances and to limit the loss of calcium by the body.

Their Dark Chocolates are all 73% cocoa, while their Milk Chocolates are all 34%.

NewTree Chocolates are available at gourmet and specialty stores. Amazon.com has other varieties available.
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18 March, 2006

Breyer's Double Churned - New Flavors

Breyer's Double Churned Chocolat Caramel BrownieNew varieties of Breyers Double Churned ice cream are available in the USA and Canada.

The varieties include "Creamy Vanilla", "Creamy Chocolate", "Chocolate Caramel Brownie" (pictured), "Strawberries & Cream", "Mint Chocolate Chip", and "Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry".
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16 March, 2006

Sensations Snack Chips

Lay's SensationsSensations is the name of a new line of potato chips and tortilla chips from Frito-Lay. The brand is actually carried under the Lay's and Tostito's line.

The concept of Sensations is to satisfy what the company sees as a growing trend with consumers looking for new and different flavor experiences. Basically, it's for totally sensational new flavor ideas.

Lay's Sensations potato chips will be available in "Lime & Cracked Black Pepper", a blend of citrus and bold pepper flavors, and "Sweet Chili & Sour Cream", a mix of "sweet heat" and the smooth taste of sour cream. These are kettle cooked chips giving them great crunch and texture.

Tostitos Sensations "Red Chile & Lime with Crushed Red Pepper", combines the bold flavors of red chili and red pepper with the cooling citrus taste of lime. The "Southwestern Ranch with Black Peppercorn" tortilla chips combine a blend of creamy ranch and cumin with real bits black peppercorns.

The chips are available nationally beginning this month.
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10 March, 2006

Tequila Candies

Tequila CandiesColombian-based C.I. Super de Alimentos, S.A. recently launched a new candy called "Tequila Mix Menta Super".

The company claims that these new flavored hard boiled candies are the first in the market to have real cocktail flavor, though they don't contain any alcohol.

Seems like I've heard of other hard candies designed to mimic the taste of cocktail drinks. However, the company says these candies are being marketed to Central and South America. Perhaps that's what they meant by "first in the market".
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Pepperridge Farm Goldfish - New Varieties

Pepperridge Farm GoldfishPepperidge Farm, Inc. yesterday introduced four new varieties of Goldfish crackers.

The new varieties are part of a new packaging concept called "Goldfish 100 Calorie Pouches". They're essentially the same line of goldfish crackers, but measured into small pouches equalling 100 calories.

The 100 Calorie Pouches are available for "Cheddar", "Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar", "Cinnamon Graham", and "Chocolate Graham". The latter two are new flavors.

Packaging for each of the four new varieties now includes the words, "Made With Whole Grain".
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09 March, 2006

Cocoa Farm Vintage Wine Chocolate

Cocoa Farm Vintage Wine ChocolateAustralian-based Cool Healthy Pty Ltd launched a new line of vintage chocolates under the Cocoa Farm brand.

The chocolates contain wine infused currants and are marketed in three varieties, namely the Merlot, the Pinot Noir and the Shiraz.

The Merlot Vintage Chocolate is said to have the flavor of berry, cinnamon and cherry. According to the manufacturer, each chocolate block contains "Vinlife", which are natural antioxidants from Australian grapes, equivalent to a standard glass of red wine.

Each chocolate is said to contain no more than 0.25% alcohol. The line is available in 100g boxes, and is marketed in Australia and the USA.
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NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy DrinkNOS Energy Drink is a new product of Fuze Beverage Inc. of Englewood, New Jersey.

Available in Regular and Sugar Free versions, it has a passionfruit flavor, and delivers its energy boost from taurine, ginseng, d-ribose, l-carnitine, folic acid and vitamins C, B6 and B12.

Presented in a 16 oz. can priced at $1.99, the name NOS is used under license from Holley Performance products which makes nitrous oxide "Nos" products to boost performance of racing cars.
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Curry Flavored Potato Chips

Lay's Curry Flavored Potato ChipsFrito-Lay Canada offering new Frito Lay Potato Chips in new flavors.

Curry (pictured) and Wasabi are the new flavors, and are offered in Toronto and Vancouver only. The company is making an effort to sell more potato chips to Asian consumers.

Also, notice the small cartoon graphic of a happy face at the upper-left corner of the bag. This only seems to appear on the Curry and Wasabi flavors. At first it looked like the Maruchan symbol, but it's not. I don't recognize it as anyone else's brand. Anyone else know?

Frito Lay's Shrimp Chips is also expected later on.
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