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06 February, 2006

Weight Watchers by Whitman's Chocolates

Weight Watchers by Whitman's ChocolatesWeight Watchers by Whitman's Chocolates are new in the USA from Whitman's Candies, Inc.

The product literature states, "The Chocolates, which have zero trans fats will still include real milk, sugar and nuts but will come in tailored combinations and portion sizes to better accommodate those on the firm's diet."

In other words, it's basically served in smaller chunks so that you will eat less. It'll probably sell, but it obviously won't work. It's like selling a cigarette that's half the length, and marketing it as a smoking cessation aid.

Anyways, among the varieties include Coconut (3.25 oz.), Caramel Drops (3.5 oz.), Almond Nougat (3.5 oz.), Pecan Crowns (3 oz.) and English Toffee Squares Covered in Milk Chocolate. Mint Patties Covered in Dark Chocolate are available in a 2-count laminate wrapper priced at 99 cents. Chocolate Bars presented in laminate wrappers priced at 99 cents each include English Toffee Squares Covered in Milk Chocolate and Pecan Crowns(0.95 oz.)


Anonymous said...

This is the best candy I have ever eaten.....better than Godiva..... I have eaten a lot of Weight Watcher goodies and this tops them all.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! These chocolates hit the spot. My favorite is the Mint Chocolate Patty's. They sort of remind me of that other peppermint patty. I can't believe just how delicious they are and low in fat and calories. Thanks Whitman and Weight Watchers for creating such a treat.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate caramel were great - but the almond nougat were horrible - my husband and I both had to spit them out. Just awful.

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