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22 February, 2006

Thinsations Thin Crisps

Thinsations Thin CrispsKraft Canada is launching a new line of snacks called Thinsations Thin Crisps under the Christie brand.

It's the latest addition to their "Sensible Solution" suite of products. Thinsations contain zero trans fat, zero cholesterol and 2.0g or 3.0g fat per 23g pack.

The thin crispy cookies come in Oreo, Honey Maid (cinnamon grahams) and Chips Ahoy! varieties.


Anonymous said...

These thinsations thin crisps do the job. They are yummy and you don't have to feel guilty about what you're eating. Whenever you have the urge to eat something sweet, all you have to do is eat a bag of them and you'll be satisfied. My personal fav is the chips ahoy ones!!! I really recommend this to everyone especially those that are trying to watch the calories.

Anonymous said...

I am only 11 so I don't really have to watch my calories but these make a great snack! Especially for at school! I have only tried the Cinamon or honey or whatever they are called and the oreo but I love the oreo! I am not someone that the company just hired to say good things about their products! I am a real person! and as a matter a fact I am eating the oreo thinsations right now! The healthy living tips are great no matter what age you are! I am 11 year old kenzie and I guess my main point here is just that these are grrrreat!

Anonymous said...

My name is Jennypenny, and these are great! Tasty and healthy, great for my lunchy!

Anonymous said...

i have to do a school project on these and i havent tasted them yet so.........yah.

Anonymous said...

So a while ago i was eating an ice cream sandwhich and i thought to myself how awesome it would be if they just packaged the cookies, since i'm not a big ice cream fan but i love those cookies.
Well oreo thinsations taste exactly like them, and they soften up when dipped in milk so it's just the greatest thing i think has ever been invented. Way more important that the wheel or the lightbulb. They're damn good cookies.

Anonymous said...

loveee thinsations. in fact im eating the oreo ones right now haha.they taste just as good as the real oreos, but they're much better if your trying to watch your weight. (i am!)

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