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15 February, 2006

Sour Patch Cotton Candy

Sour Patch Cotton CandyBeverly Hills, California-based Taste of Nature, Inc. has a new product out called "Sour Patch Cotton Candy".

They licensed the "Sour Patch" brand from Cadbury Adams to come up with this idea. The package states that the candy starts out sour and progresses to sweet.

Comes in flavors of red berry, lemon, lime, and orange.


Anonymous said...

The stuff is toxic! Totally inedible. I tried it today, and it's not sweet at all, just like eating acid.

Anonymous said...

this stuff isn't supposed to be sweet. Read the package it says SOUR patch kids. if you like the regular sour patch kids you will like this cotton candy.

theCakeGirl on 6/05/2007 05:35:00 PM said...

ok I love me some sour patch kids but this stuff is tastes like barf. The kids wouldn't eat any more of it either and they'll eat anything!

Anonymous said...

THAT WAS RANCID! I hope I never have to taste anything so repulsive EVER again! A flavor so rotten should be illegal! me and my two best friends tried it, and we totally LOVE sugar, anything sweet. But we tried that, and nearly puked!! Ick!! NOT YOUR MONEY'S WORTH! I do NOT reccomend that awful excuse for food!

Anonymous said...

I bought this product on Monday night and now I am completely hooked...I need to get a bag now I out. My co-worker ate some of them and they are the same way. I was sent out on a Bugle run by my manager at

Anonymous said...

THAT SUCKED! If you like it, you need some mental help! I wouldnt reccomend it, it probably is the leading cause of death!! THAT WAS AWFUL. Never try it if you value your kife, you'll never be able to think of food the same way again.

Anonymous said...

*life not kife. Lol.

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