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01 February, 2006

Pizza Potato Chips

Duyvis PizzinisPizzini's is the name of a new line of potato chips from Dutch-based Duyvis B.V.

These chips are cut to resemble the bubbly thickness of pizza dough, seasoned with Italian seasonings to give off that reddish-white look of a freshly baked pizza, and have some green flecks to give the look of bell peppers.

They're offered in the Netherlands in two varieties, Napolitana and Margherita (pictured).

I've seen potato chips with pizza flavorings, but this brand seems to go a step further into mimicking the look of pizza.


Anonymous said...

I think that junk food is good but i also think that junk food can make you really fat and girls dont like to be to fat. But i do also like the pizza chips caz i like the pizza chips kind of pringles.

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