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04 February, 2006

PayDay - Chocolatey Avalanche!

PayDay - Chocolatey Avalanche!Received a report that Hershey is preparing to launch a new variety to its line of PayDay bars.

"PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche!" is described as a chocolate covered version of PayDay. It's supposed to launch in March 2006 in the USA.

Chocolate covered PayDays are not a new phenomenon, they've been done in limited edition runs before. I guess now they have their own official variety.


Anonymous said...

They had them in our breakroom vending machines two weeks ago. They were good. I fondly remember the short-lived chocolate PayDay from the mid-80s.

Anonymous said...

I picked up one today at Target. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see them return. I hope they stay this time. Better than Snickers and Baby Ruth. Oh Henry is the closest in taste but since they made the Oh Henry a 2-piece bar the New PayDay is the hands down winner. Just don't try to compare it to a Take5, no contest.

Anonymous said...

Oh have Mercy! I have been waiting a long time. Thought they would never return. When they first came out in the 80"s my son and I would drive from gas station to gas station to find them. Wait till he finds out they are available again. I haven't found one yet here in Florida. If anyone knows where we can buy them please leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

You have not eaten a candy bar of any kind, better than the peanut butter covered version of this PAYDAY don't wait on trying this one, BUT let me worn you. THEY ARE EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND!

Anonymous said...

Had my first one today from a vending machine at Cornell University. One of my FAVORITE candy bars of all time!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these... Although they are hard to find, I found a few sources---ended up buying them all out actually---and, can no longer find them!!! Half of one each evening with my coffee...MMMMMMMMMMMM... BRING THEM BACK!!!

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