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10 February, 2006

NASCAR Frozen Burgers

NASCAR Frozen BurgersCheckers and Rally's Drive-In restaurants unveiled its new officially licensed NASCAR
Frozen Burgers.

Combining the flavor of Checkers/Rallys drive-in food and the high-powered octane of NASCAR racing, fans across the country can indulge in official NASCAR style when scarfing down burgers.

The NASCAR Burgers are 100 percent pure ground beef. Each package contains six 1/3 pound patties and includes a collectible NASCAR-licensed burger seasoning shaker, bringing the authentic taste of Checkers/Rally's burgers home.

The new product will hit grocery store freezer cases in early spring, first launching in select North-and South Carolina-based retailers, including Food Lion. Additional distribution locations are planned to follow in early summer 2006.


Anonymous said...

But do they contain REAL octane power?

Anonymous said...

good question !

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten sick from either the burgers or the seasoning? feel like I have the flu and I ate one last night with it.

Cybele on 10/06/2007 11:49:00 AM said...

anon #3 - I checked to see if Topps is the maker of this ground beef product and could find no link. (They're the ones who just closed after the largest burger recall in US history.)

If you've noticed symptoms, be sure to take care of yourself and consider reporting it at least to the store where you bought it and/or call the manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

I bought a pkg at WalMart, so good I went back and bought another. We miss Rally Burgers in our part of the country. I asked the company about its product and they were extremely accomodating. Very nice people.

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