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02 February, 2006

More Fat Warning Sign

Morfat Cake MixTalk about truth in advertising!

What caught my eye about this new cake mix is the brand name "Morfat" inside the red & yellow banner at the top of the box, sticking out at you almost like a stop sign.

Being a junk food addict, I guess if I wanted "more fat" this is what I would consume.

This product comes from Greek-based food manufacturer Credin. I wonder if they have other brand names like "Morcholesterol" for their meat products, or "Moraspartame" for their diet soft drinks.


Anonymous said...


Just found your site today. I love it! I think I'll be a regular!!

Anonymous said...

Before posting anything about a product you should do some research. The product you re posting about is indeed part of the MORFAT series of products. Though I m guessing you can t read Greek, which is obvious since you didn t know that the product is actually a Cake, a WHOLEGRAIN CAKE! The mix contains only the basic ingredients and you only add oil (pref. olive oil) and water. No butter, no "weird" stuff. So before posting about such a product in a junkfoodblog i think you should read the box first. Regarding the name morfat you should do some research on the origin. To set an example: Malaga is a town in Spain but if you call someone Malaga in Greece you ll get your ass kicked. The product obviously is not addressed to an american or english audience (if it was it would be under a different brand probably) and in Greece and all countries where MORFAT is exported, it is associated with the finest quality products.

Of course this is a blog and you re free to write whatever you want but nevertheless i thought you ought to know some of the facts. Have the box translated if you can t take my word for it...




Peter on 4/06/2009 11:16:00 AM said...


I sell Credin Morfat Products on my website here

Although the name is misleading to most people outside of Greece, they have excellent products!

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