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02 February, 2006

Lifedrops Chios Mastic

Sarantis Lifedrops Chios MasticWhen the cough is plaguing you, you take cough drops, and when your eyes are bothering you, you take eye drops.

So it stands to reason that when life has got you down, you take "Lifedrops".

This is actually a chewing gum produced by Greek-based Sarantis ABEE. It's known by natives as "Chios Mastic", made from a special ingredient that comes from the Mastiha tree which grows only on the Island of Chios in Greece.

It's said this ingredient has magical qualities that produces a wide array of health benefits ranging from stomach upsets, duodenal ulcers, heartburn and mouth sores, as well freshening your breath and cleaning your teeth.


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