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16 February, 2006

Leconte Popping Chocolate

Leconte Popping ChocolateChinese-based confectioner COFCO Leconte Food Company Ltd. is marketing a new novelty called "Popping Chocolate".

When you break the chocolate piece in half, it makes a popping sound. The product literature doesn't explain much, so I don't know how it does this.

Each candy is individually wrapped in laminate and presented in a 70g plastic rack display bag.


Anonymous said...

It's not that the choclate makes a popping noise when it broken in half (actually all chocolates make that noise). The chocolate actually has a pop-rock material inside it so that it pops in your mouth as you suck on it. (For those of you lucky enough to find this .. it's awesome but you have to suck on it ... don't chew you will lessen the experience)

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