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16 February, 2006

Laoshan Cola

This cola is manufactured by Chinese-based Qingdao Laoshan Mineral Water Co., Ltd.

This company is not affiliated with Coca-Cola. In fact, there is already a trademark dispute going on between the two companies.

This is not a new product, however it's now available in a new 500ml plastic bottle. Laoshan Cola has actually been in production since 1905. It's also said to be infused with beneficial herbs. But then again, Coca-Cola was once infused with a well-known beneficial herb too.


Anonymous said...

I tried and loved Laoshan Cola while I was in China. I also was under the impression that this was a product of the Coca-Cola company. Anyone know where I can order some to be shipped to me?

Anonymous said...

I go to Qingdao every year and bring back a 6 pack or so...I try to make it last, but it's gone in a high fructose corn syrup in this one!

Anonymous said...

this stuff rocks! I first tried it when I lived in Qingdao and loved it. I'm surprised many people hate it. I guess they expected something more like a cola and less unique. the taste is so unique you have to try it to know. there is no description, but if you do, remember, it does not taste like a cola.

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