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04 February, 2006

Kit Kat Limited Edition Bars for 2006

Kit Kat Triple Chocolate Extra CrispyI'm told that Hershey has unveiled some plans for limited edition Kit Kat candy bars for 2006.

Due out in the 1st quarter is a "Milkshake" flavor in a light-brown wrapper with a picture of a milkshake.

Also due in the 1st quarter is a "Triple Chocolate Extra Crispy" (pictured here) variety, billed as "Twice the crisp!".

For the 4th quarter, a "Chocolate Mocha" flavor is expected to be available in laminate packaging featuring a graphic of a mug of coffee.


Anonymous said...

Just tried a milkshake one this week. AWFUL! TRULY AWFUL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge malt fan and am eager to try the milkshake KitKat, but I haven't been able to find it yet.

I tried the regular Extra Crispy (a single bar) and didn't even finish it. Too sweet and not enough flavor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cybele, I found them on the counter at a WaWa convenience store, if you have them where you are.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment on the fact that Kit Kat has neglected to introduce Kit Kat Cafe Latte(this is a bit sweet but o the taste is fab) and Kit Kat Crispy Sando (just like the original except no chocolate coating...the best kit kat i have had) to America. These can be found only in Japan.=(... Does anyone have connections to buy them??

Anonymous said...

Kit Kat-Milkshake" flavor Was so Horrid that, after we opend it, My husband had to take it outside to the trash! It STUNK up the whole house! Even Stunk after I I happend to double sack it with the rest of the trash, in Glad tall kitchen bags! OMGosh it was GROSS-A-ROOO!!!

But, The BIG kitkat was so delicious!
It was addictive! 4 stars!!!

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