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03 February, 2006

Indian Top Ramen

Indian Top RamenBeing that my mother is Japanese, I've grown up eating a lot of Japanese food. For one thing, Japanese folks love Indian cuisine.

I came across this new variety of Top Ramen, dubbed "Smoodles", from the Indian-subsidiary of Nissin Foods. It's ramen with all the flavorings of Indian spices. What's interesting is that this product is marketed in India, to Indians.

I guess I didn't know that Indian folks find Japanese food to be popular. Or at least, a modification of Japanese food to meet their tastes. Likewise, Japanese people tend to modify Indian fare to meet their liking as well.

For example, Indian curry, is poured over steamed Calrose rice, instead of Indian basmati. And of course, they eat it with chopsticks.


Lynn on 2/10/2006 09:21:00 AM said...

Indians tend to "customize" the cuisines of the major regions of the world to suit the local palate - just like the Indian Top Ramen! A great case in point is Indian-Chinese food. There is a decent-size Chinese population (they are a neighboring country, after all) in India. And the majority if the Chinese living in India have done so for generations. They have created this amazing genre of cuisine known as Indian-Chinese. It's so unbelievably tasty - spicy and interesting. It's a must try. Look for dishes like Chicken Manchurian or Hakka Noodles.

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