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23 February, 2006

Gilliam Candy Company - Old Fashioned Sticks

Gilliam Candy Company - Old Fashioned SticksGilliam Candy Company (now a division of King Leo Candy) is offering this old fashion style tin of candy sticks.

Produced in Mexico, they're available in the USA in a 12 oz. (340g) tin containing individually wrapped candy sticks in 12 different flavors. The natural and artificial flavored candy sticks come in Peppermint, Sour Apple, Tutti Frutti, Strawberry, Root Beer, Passion Fruit, Peaches & Cream, Lemon, Blueberry, Tangerine, Cinnamon, and Watermelon.

Stamped as kosher parve, the suggested retail price is $2.99 each.


Anonymous said...

got a tin of these and every one was broken in 1/4" pieces.... great stick candy NOT! Save your $ for MADE IN THE USA

Anonymous said...

I love the watermelon & rootbeer flavors. I never noticed if any were broken but who cares.

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