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12 February, 2006

Cum Laude Spanish Cheese

Cum Laude Spanish CheeseCum Laude is a brand of Spanish cheese imported to the USA by DCI Cheese Co.

It comes in three varieties.

Mahon is a buttery and sharp cheese produced on Menorca, the most northerly of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The rind of this cows' milk cheese is rubbed with paprika and oil to keep it soft and fragrant, giving it the tang it develops while aging.

Murcia al Vino is a sweet and smooth pasteurized goat's milk cheese from the Murcia region. From soft to semi-cured, Murcia al Vino's purple rind is a result of being washed in red wine during maturation.

Idiazabal is a robust and sharp cheese, made to be ripened for a minimum of 90 days. Said to have a slight piquant taste with a dry and crumbly texture, it's described as delight for those cheese lovers who like to "chew the cheese".


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