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12 February, 2006

357 Extreme Mad Dog Mustard

357 Extreme Mad Dog MustardBilled as the world's hottest mustard, the new concoction dubbed "357 Extreme Mad Dog Mustard" is from Sudbury, MA-based Ashley Food Company.

Designed to turn average mustard users into Mustard Maniacs, this condiment features real Colman's English Mustard, Habanero peppers, fresh ground horseradish, and the hugely popular turmeric.

Walloping scovilles of heat wash over the taste buds and leave a lingering afterglow of heat and flavor. The color is brilliant ochre, the texture stout, and the aroma alone will blow the cobwebs from your head and blast you into an altered state - a galaxy away from regular yellow mustards.

357 Extreme Mad Dog Mustard will soon be available in stores offering fine condiments, and is available for internet ordering right now from the company's website.

Suggested retail – $5.99 oz. bottle.


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