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12 January, 2006

Whole Grain Fig Newtons

Whole Grain Fig Newtons
Nabisco now has a "whole grain" version of its famous Fig Newtons.

Billed as 100% whole grain, it's part of Kraft Food Holdings larger effort to cross-breed their junk food line up with healthy alternatives.

Interestingly, Jeff Copetas, who blogs at RustedRobot, compared the nutrition tables between regular Fig Newtons and Whole Grain Fig Newtons, and found there's only nominal differences.


Never teh Bride on 1/13/2006 11:45:00 AM said...

The term whole grain can be wicked misleading. I'm not sure that the FDA has defined what whole grains are where advertising is concerned.

Anonymous said...

You have to look at the ingredients. The whole grain are made with whole wheat flour instead of enriched flour. That is what makes them better. The term whole grain can be misleading because the can have "whole grain" in them but not be made entirely from whole grain. These look to be made entirely from whole grain flour.

Anonymous said...

Yes, these are made from 100% whole wheat flour. But if you continue reading the ingredients, you'll come across high fructose corn syrup, a negative staple in junk food.

Anonymous said...

I like fig newtons but I will not buy them anymore because of high frutose corn sweeter in them.

Anonymous said...

I used to buy the whole grain fig newtons for my daughter...until I decided to cut all high fructose corn syrup from our diet. It's unfortunate, she really liked them.

Anonymous said...

You try Newman's Own Fig Newmans instead. Much better ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Barbara's Bakery (distributed from Petaluma, CA) makes a great whole wheat fig bar! Here's the ingredient list... Pineapple juice syrup, organic fig paste, organic whole wheat flour, date paste, rasin juice concentrate, expellar pressed canola oil, baking soda, soy lecithin, sea salt, citric acid. These bars are delicious and very filling.

Anonymous said...

I just know I like to eat them because they're so tasty!

Anonymous said...

I picked up a package recently after many many years of only their distant memory. They were crumbly bur delicious! Then I grabbed an original package. They were horribly nasty!

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