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31 January, 2006

Sweet Success Power Blend

Sweet Success Power BlendPower Blend is a powdered form of energy boost that you mix into your favorite juice drink.

It caught my eye because right in the middle of the bag it says, "All Natural Energy". It seemed like it was trying to say that this stuff comprised of only "natural" energy, and not any kind of factory-processed energy, or artificial energy.

Energy isn't something you touch, nor is tangible. It's heat, is all it is. Isn't energy produced from a gasoline combustion the same energy that you might exert with your foot? So what does "All Natural Energy" mean?

Well, here at Junk Food Blog, we're just as well amused with saucing up ordinary junk with a great marketing gimmick. That's where we'll chalk this one.


jude on 2/01/2006 01:25:00 PM said...

yeah, the "all natural" phrase gets me everytime. In a sense, anything that comes from the earth is natural, and since everything on the earth, except for space tomatoes and meteor rocks, came from earth, everyhting is natural, naturally!

nice blog by the way..

Anonymous said...

umm. this looks like a juice not a powder.

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