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31 January, 2006

Spicy English Cheese

Spicy English CheeseGranted I'm not an expert on cuisine, or on cheese, or on English fare. But when I saw the latest offering dubbed "Spicy English Cheese" from Pilgrims Choice, a brand of cheeses from British-based North Downs Dairy Co. Ltd., it drew a contradiction in me.

I always grew up thinking that English food was the most bland tasteless stuff seemingly consistent with the timeless routines and traditions of stodgy old England. Don't rock the boat with anything spicy or demonic! That would be hedonist!

Spicy English Cheese is simply made with bits of jalapeno peppers. Keep in mind that Pilgrims Choice has produced other varieties of tongue burning milk curds. I just continue to be amused at how globalization is knocking down age old traditions. Here in the United States, everything is borrowed from one culture or another due to our immigrant history. In Europe, they're getting it all back from us.


Carlisle said...

hmm I've had that (or something similar) it's nice.. actually traditional British food as a whole, from Mustard, to Haggis and the Cumberland sausage is a lot spicier than continental food (although in this case with Jalapenos the spiciness is clearly imported). I think the bad reputation comes from the fact that over hear all good cooks assume you have to cook French... the only people cooking British are bad cooks and good old mother in her home kitchen.

William on 1/31/2009 03:47:00 PM said...

Because your views definitely aren't stereotypical..

Oh god no.

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