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05 January, 2006

Pop Chocolates from Godiva

Godiva's newest variety of chocolates are their "Pop Chocolates". These Pop Chocolates are available in two flavors: CranOrange Dark Chocolate Dazzler (a dual layer of tart cranberry and citrus flavors accented with a effervescent infusion and covered in a dark chocolate shell) and White Chocolate Raspberry Sparkler (a dual layer of raspberry and chocolate ganache center with an effervescent infusion in a white chocolate shell).

Pop Chocolates are sold in 10-count, 5.2 oz. boxes that sell for $20.00 each....yes, each Pop Chocolate costs $2.00!!! At that price, you should locate a Godiva store near you and try one before you jump in and purchase a whole box.


cybele on 1/05/2006 09:57:00 PM said...

ChocolateObsession.com pointed out there's a very good websale going on at Godiva - and it includes their 30 piece box of these at half off their regular price.

30 Piece Pop Chocolates

I have to say I'm curious, but not $32 curious and will probably stop in for a single piece next time I'm at the mall.

Anonymous said...

I covered these a while back here. They sound....interesting.


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