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05 January, 2006

Peter De Beukelaer Creme de Pirouline Cookies

Peter De Beukelaer Creme de Pirouline CookiesPeter De Beukelaer Creme de Pirouline Cookies are offered in a new single-serve, 2.5 oz. (70g) overwrapped tray in the USA by the De Beukelaer Corp.

The kosher dairy stamped package contains 10 Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies. "The spiral line around our cylindrical cookie or wafer is a registered trademark of DBC Corp. (De Beukelaer Corporation)."

The suggested retail price is 99 cents.


gina said...

Would anybody out there know where I might search for a De Beukelaer product, individually wrapped wafer "cookie" with a dark chocolate covered top that used to be sold by the box? It was about 3/4" high and about 3" long.
Thanks for a reply or a lead.

hnw317 said...

Hello Gina,

I have been lokoing for what you have described for quite a long time. I think the dark chocolate was covering the bottom of the wafer. As I recall they were rectangular, about 3' x 1.5" and just a bit more than a half inch thick. The bottom was dipped in dark chocolate and each wafer br was wrapped in silver and covered with a sleeve wrapper which mostly blue. I periodically look for same and today I found perhaps the only other person I have ever come across who remebers these amazing treats. If you read this, and have found these wafer bars, I would appreciate you letting me know @ Thanks and good luck.

George on 12/26/2008 11:44:00 AM said...

George said...

Hello hnw317,
I clearly remember the wafer cookies with the delicious dark chocolate. We were able to purchase them in our high school cafeteria and in many stores afterwards. I haven't seen them for many, many years and sure would love to find them again but I doubt if they are still in existence-what a shame if this is the case!

Anonymous said...

I used to love seeing one of these in my lunch bag at school (many years ago). None of the other chocolate wafer cookies around seem to live up to them...they were so light and crispy. I still remember the paper box they came in, with the man in a blue uniform and cap on the front: two stacked layers of individually wrapped chocolatey goodness. Unfortunately the company seems to have stopped making them. What a shame.

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