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09 January, 2006

Panda Express Adds New Menu Item

Panda ExpressPanda Express, a favorite fast-food chinese restaurant chain, welcomes the Year of the Dog with a tasty new menu item.

Don't worry, it's not made out of dog meat!

"Firecracker Chicken", is a blend of tender chicken breast and colorful peppers in Panda's signature spicy black bean sauce. Firecracker Chicken will be freshly wokked in more than 800 Panda Express restaurants nationwide from Jan. 18 to Feb. 25, and will be available on the catering menu for those planning Chinese New Year parties.


Anonymous said...

it sucks cuz it tastes raw and its gross. dont waste ur $ on it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Panda Express chain celebrates 25 years ???
I can't imagine how, when MUCH better Chinese can be found anywhere. I had

the misfortune of eating at: 64 AVE & MCINTYRE PANDA EXPRESS
15400 W. 64TH AVE SUITE #E-1A ARVADA, CO 80007
Phone: (303) 940-2541
location, looking at it's competitive perspective. Let's just say: gross, disgusting,

SUPER-greasy, noisy, unsanitary, rude kitchen staff, display looked inedible (no matter how much "new" food they dumped on top of the old) every pan looked like a greasy oil pool.
I chose six "veggie spring rolls", as there were none in the oily display pan, hoping to taste "fresh" food. The condiments are displayed 7-11 style- if all you want is a napkin, straw, or soy sauce. C-Mustard, sweet&sour are hidden behind the counter and have to be asked for- IF you can get anyone's attention.
I wrapped the first roll in a napkin, which was soaked with oil before the first bite. I took two more napkins, rolled it up, then discarded the greasy things for two more fresh ones. Halfway through the small roll my fingers were oily again. It
was not "fresh", it was not "crisp". I tried to eat two, but they cooled so quickly and congealed... It felt like a ball in my gut. I took the remaining four home for further experiment.
Considering the first roll soaked 5 napkins (poor quality/foodservice brand taken into consideration) I started Test #1. with one average brand paper towel, folded over and wrapped one roll. 15-20 seconds 900 watt full power led to an oil and some moisture completely wetting the towel. Nothing you'd want to eat.
Test#2. Toaster oven, 400 deg. Yes, these are amazing things. With careful & ingenious use they can be pushed to the extremes of food preparation. The paper may brown, but I have never had a fire in my Toastmaster. Two minutes, browned towel. The roll had soaked it with oil, another inedible mess.
This is NOT "food", and certainly not the kind you can make good of the next morning.
I draw conclusion on my theory: "you can always taste a good Chinese restaurant by their fried WonTons". There is NO reason to subject yourself to horrible food when you can stop by a GOOD Chinese restaurant (no, please, not the $1 a scoop places) and the service is always ready.
Hey, save a tree! I've never had to blot the gluck off of GOOD Chinese.

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