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18 January, 2006

Mix 'N Magic Candy Bracelets

Mix N MagicMix 'N Magic Candy Bracelet is a line of candies from The Real Magic Potion Co., located in Salem, MA.

It's a clear plastic bracelet filled with multi-colored powder candy. The packaging reinforces the concept that the candy is actually "Good Luck Potion", perhaps capitalizing on sorcery and witchcraft popularized by Harry Potter. It actually comes with instructions advising the wearer to keep it on for several days and allow the colors to mix in. And when a boost of good luck is needed, disconnect one end of the bracelet and eat it.

The bracelets come in three varieties, "Good Luck Potion", "Secret Magic Good Luck Potion", and "Volleyball Potion".

What, you didn't know witches and sorcerers like to play volleyball?


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