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10 January, 2006

Kettle Potato Chips People's Choice Campaign

Kettle's 2nd Annual People Choice CampaignThe Kettle brand of Potato Chips announced their second annual "People's Choice Campaign", of five temporary potato chip flavors.

The campaign seeks potato chip lovers to sample their five new flavors and then visit their website to vote for their favorite flavor, which will eventually become a permanent new flavor. The new flavors will be sold in limited batches, only 500 such batches will be sold. If you're among the few lucky souls to buy such a batch, you can take part in the voting.

The five flavors up for vote are:

Spicy Mary: A smoky, spicy tomato vinegar base gives this bloody mary-inspired chip its kick. Hints of pickled veggies and spices like black and red pepper, ginger, and allspice make your mouth tingle, while crisp celery notes leave a fresh finish.

Dirty Martini: A gin-lover's dream come true, the refined flavor of the Dirty Martini chip comes from a mix of subtle herbal notes, including juniper, and a strong olive flavor.

Creamy Caesar Krinkle Cut: This chip combines everything we love about a Caesar salad (minus the anchovies) to create a classic. Garlic and green onion give this flavor its personality while smooth buttermilk and parmesan cheese make for a creamy finish.

Tuscan Three Cheese Krinkle Cut: Reminiscent of the classic Italian favorite, bruschetta, this flavor combines sweet and tangy roasted pepper and tomato with creamy aged goat and Romano cheeses. Ciao Bella!

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Krinkle Cut: Based on the classic bar food favorite, buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing, this robustly-flavored chip tastes like the original -- no bones about it! The zesty and smoky tomato base adds heat, making this chip spicy at the first crunch. A smooth finish of celery and creamy bleu cheese flavors cools things down.


Jen on 1/16/2006 10:45:00 AM said...

Hi Steve, thanks so much for mentioning the People's Choice promotion! I wanted to clarify a couple of things in your post that are a bit confusing. First, anyone can vote online at, not just the people who try our Party Pack. Second, we created only 500 Party Packs so that people could actually try each of the five flavors before they vote online. But once the polls close on March 31, only ONE of those five flavors will actually be produced--the one that gets the highest ratings. The new flavor will be added to our existing line up of chips. Hope that helps!

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