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23 January, 2006

Jolly Rancher Ice Pop

Anyone who loves Jolly Rancher Hard Candies will enjoy the Jolly Rancher Ice Pop developed by Blue Bunny Ice Cream. The 4oz. ice pop contains a twisted blend of Watermelon (my personal favorite), Lemon and Green Apple flavors. The ice pops are individually wrapped and will be available soon in grocery and convenience stores nationwide.


Greychus said...

I am in love with this popcicle. Jolly Rancher was/is my all time favorite hard candy from my childhood. I could not get enough of the green apple and watermelon. Every since my daughter brought me one of these things, I have been hooked. I have since discovered that I can't buy them any where except from my ice cream man (bummer). I have also discovered that they make a frozen ice that has the texture of sherbert/sorbet which I love, but can't find either. I have been all over the website and in different stores. I am now under the impression that I'm being teased.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I hope to see this jolly rancher pop in the store soon. I can only buy it fron the neighborhood ice cream man and he don't come around all the time. I have looked in the stores but I cannot find it. I hope it's going to be this summer in the store's. Please don't let me wait to long. Please,please ,please,please,please
let me get my hands a box very soon Thanks, Missy

Anonymous said...

I found this elusive "POP" at the convenience store just down the street from where we live. My girlfriend and I tried it once and were immediatly hooked! If you live in Boise Id. You can find yours at Jacksons Foodstores!

Anonymous said...

I had one (or two) of these at SeaWorld and they were amazing! I haven't seen them anywhere else, and I am sad about it. But, i can guarentee you will love this popsicle.

Anonymous said...

has anyone here ever had the jolly rancher freeze pops? I used to have them all the time when I was a kid and now I cant find them anywhere! they were my absolute favorite

Anonymous said...

I had this wonder ful little treat at our Relay For Life in Auburn Ca. The Walgreen's team was selling it - I am hooked but I can't find it - bummer!

Anonymous said...

why can't we get the regular Blue Bunny ice cream in Boise, Id at Walmart, seems all thye carry is the sugar free. Will it be back in the store soon?

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