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01 January, 2006

Freshen-Up Gum

No, this isn't a new one. My grandmother always gave my brother and I Freshen-Up gum when we were kids and I hadn't seen it in years. Then at a gas station in the middle of nowhere there it was right along side the more common gum varieties.

There are many candies and gums that we all remember from our childhood. I found a website Hometown Favorites: Retro Candy Store that has a lot of candies and gums that I assumed were not even produced anymore. It's at least worth a walk down memory lane to check out this site...even if you don't purchase your old favorites.


Anonymous said...

to be cruel, I used to prick the middle of my sister's freshen up gum and drip out the center. Then I'd roll it in flour. It was pretty evil.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - it'a amazing how many old candies are still around if you look for them online. Some of the retro packs you can get at candy sites online are pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Forget Freshen-Up (although I ordered a pack since I haven't seen it in years), the big news on that site is the cereal!!

I had no idea Frosted Krispies, Rice Krispy Treats, and Kaboom still existed!!!

Not to mention every one of the current monster cereals, which my area seems to not have anymore. Sugar cereals are being pushed off the shelves a bit by the store knock-offs and increased varieties of healthy crap.

NKOTB4Eternity on 3/03/2009 09:24:00 PM said...

I loved Freshen Up gum! I'd still buy it if I saw it more often in the stores. Not really worth going out of my way to order online though.

Anonymous said...

Found it at

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