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11 January, 2006

Freaky Ice

Don't let your kids get their hands on this one! Straight from the Dutch party scene to your freezer (soon), Freaky Ice is a malt-based frozen cocktail. Resembling an Otter Pop you'd enjoy as a child, these 50ml pouches contain Lemon Stinger, Cherry Fusion or Passion Cocktail frozen beverages. These aren't available quite yet, but you can register on their website to be notified when and where you can get your hands on these. They look like they'd be great for 4th of July parties!


MADD-SAL on 11/09/2006 03:05:00 PM said...

We are a Florida chapter of lawmakers and lobbyist working with MADD and its S. Florida worried new members.
We care and have been working hard to contribute to the CHANGE Americans, not only Floridians, are screaming for.
We are working from within. We focus in caring for our citizens before our fellow foreigners. Because we have to stop policing the world and focus on our people and their needs.
FLCares-2008 has been tracking Freaky Ice since December of 2000. A fellow board member saw this product abroad and predicted its future distribution in the U.S. Since we have monitored its non-success and subsequent demise within the European community. A newly formed NY Corp, create solely for the production or importation with intent to distribute in the U.S.
In December of 2004 a local Court in NY banned this product and in January of 2006 a Supreme Appellate Court supported this banned.
Freaky Ice was originally created by a Mr. Hank Sweep in the Netherlands in or about 1999. It created a fanfare that didn't last too long. This product began to get banned in New Zeland, Australia, Sweden, Spain and England among others, mostly because of MADD-like organizations and their power or contribution to the well being of their citizens.
Freaky Ice is currently produced by a brewer in the State of New York. It is approved by ATF (TTB) and because State law supersedes Federal law, it will be legal to distribute and sale in a lot of places in our Union.
We learned last week of its introduction to S. Florida, and the concerns have not stopped pouring in.
We feel we have an obligation to our citizens Nationwide to inform with content, facts and complete support of the myths, and fears associated with this product.
Freaky Ice is packaged like a fruity ice pop. It's publications contain a cartoon-like mascot of an Eskimo, and the logo surrounded by the infantile use of the world Freaky, makes this product NOT SAFE for our youth.
Furthermore, our local police and national law enforcement agencies are NOT aware of this product. We fear the imminent fate this product can bring to our society in general.
We face encountering youths, minors (who may very well acquire this product)drinking, driving, walking, playing, partying (while violating all sorts of laws, and while intoxicating themselves, they will place everyone's lives in danger.
We urge ALL citizens to participate and help US stop the new and future production and distribution of this product because of the threat and the horrors it may bring.

Search for freaky ice and learn it all! We bring facts FACT, not allegations.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason to go to the extreme of banning these product, just simply require the manufacturers to not market it in such a way where it would be attractive to kids. If you ban this than you have to ban Jell-O, too because you can make Jell-O shooters. And you have to ban orange juice because it's an ingredient in screwdrivers. It makes no sense to ban this, it should just be made so it is not easily viewed by children and not attractive to children.

Anonymous said...

These are the coolest thing.People who sell them need to make sure they I.D

be-responsible on 7/26/2007 09:51:00 AM said...

I think people are taking this a little to far. You should not be able to control what I want to buy. This product is in my area and I love it. As long as the people selling it have the alcohol content listed on the package and they card when selling there should not be a problem. Also with your same mentallity level my daughter get no-alcoholic strawberry daq's and pina col's all the time. Do you think this is any less damaging by your standards. If you start taking our rights away to buy whatever product I want what is next???????

Anonymous said...

these are delicious. mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to raise my children myself, thanks all the same.

Anonymous said...

This product requires responsible education to minors. I belive companies have the right to sell and market thier product as long as they are making the public aware of the hazads to minors. MADD plays a very important role in monitoring under age drinking, but responsible companies should not be kept for selling their product if proventive measures are taken.

Anonymous said...

where can i buy lots of these will make it worth your while contact me

Anonymous said...

I'm actually disappointed. I had bought a few cases a few years ago and am down to a few pouches. I started looking for them to restock and was surprised to find that I couldn't find them. This evening I opened a pouch and sat in front of the computer to do a search on distributors and find that they were banned. I'm a 40's old and I am being penalized from enjoying an alcohol beverage that I responsibly drink as. It reasons like this that I can not support toltarian orginiaztions like MADD.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would add a small coment to the MADD posting above. I have been working for the importer and distributor of the product in Spain and the product has not been banned!!! There has been a problem with a reseller selling the product to minors and he has been brought to court!!!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean they are available again for purchasing? If so tell me where in PA because since reading you post, I haven't found them yet.

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