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11 January, 2006

DZL Gear Energy Drink

The new DZL Gear Non-Carbonated Fitness Beverage is a zero-carb, low-calorie, metabolism-boosting fitness beverage. Unlike other sportsdrinks on the market, DZL claims to "boost energy and replenish your body with vital nutrients and minerals without sugar, fat, carbs or caffeine". The beverage is available in Citrus and Wild Berry flavors and contains 20g of protein and 1000mg of glucosamine.

The beverage is packaged in 16oz cans and a case (24 cans) can be purchased directly from DZL Gear for $48.


Anonymous said...

DZL is like drinking thick antifreeze.

Anonymous said...

The flavors arnt bad. It is thicker than a typical energy drink, but this is a vitamin delivery suppliment. Really no need to take daliy vitamins. Check this out!

Anonymous said...

Yes the flavors are bad. This stuff sucks. Would much rather take a daily vitamin with a little beverage called water. A lot better for you with out any "no carb fake sugars".

Anonymous said...

If you mix the wild berry with the citrus it looks like a thick puke.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has become ill from this puke-in-a-can. I started to drink it, and all I tasted was metal; when I spit it out and dumped the can in the sink, all I saw was big, chunky clumps of puke - it's really bad!
I'm going to write the company and get my cash back!

Anonymous said...

First off this is NOT an energy drinks. Energy drinks are those mini-cans of pure caffine that are starting to kill off children because of the dramatic alteration of their heart's performance after drinking them daily. DZL Gear is a drink that was made for ATHELETES. After a high intensity workout, wait 10 minutes, drink a DZL, and within the next 10 minutes you'll feel good to go work out again. Enough with the complaining about the flavors, they're working on a new flavor as we speak anyways. There's a reason ice cream tastes great but is horrible for you; Anyone here who has ever mixed protein powder would tell you that this stuff is honestly the best tasting way to get that much protein in 16oz of liquid. The vitamins are a bonus. So if you are drinking these thinking they will keep you awake with caffine like Red Bull or too lazy to simply take a vitamin pill but not to come on here and bash these drinks... just lay off - these drinks lead me to a golden gloves title.

Anonymous said...

I went to a local super-market that carries this product to try it out, and I asked the grocery manager where I can find "Diesel" or DZL protein drink, he said "why would you want to drink that stuff, it's HORRIBLE!" I said "Thanks, I'll stay with the VITAMIN WATER (Focus) instead" So, thanks for the feedback before I was ready to buy this stuff that's too expensive anyways...

Anonymous said...

Anti Freeze vs. DZL - it'll be a close call!!

Unknown on 2/22/2008 08:50:00 AM said...

you guys keep leaving out that there is protein in the DZL drink mixed with the vitimins thats what gives it its foul smell i drink it after i wokr out and after MMA practices
this isnt made to be an energy drink to just down and feel hyper DZL is made for athletes

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