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10 January, 2006

Coeur de Suisse Chocolat

Coeur de Suisse ChocolatA new range of chocolate bars are available under the Coeur de Suisse brand, manufactured by Villars Maitre Chocolatier S.A.

Chocolat au Lait Suisse comes in a 100g and a 300g bar, Chocolat Noir comes in a 100g and 300g bar, Chocolat au Lait Suisse avec Noisettes Entieres (with whole Hazelnuts) comes in a 300g bar, and Chocolat au Lait Suisse avec Eclats de Noisettes (with Hazelnut Chips) comes in a 100g bar.

They are newly available to consumers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia & Oceania.


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