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31 January, 2006

Cheesy Bites Pizza

Cheesy Bites PizzaI saw a television commercial for this new pizza from Pizza Hut over the past holidays, and planned to blog it. Then I forgot about it. Today I was reminded by a flyer in my mailbox.

I continue to be impressed with the way the top pizza chains in this country continue to reinvent pizza. Cheesy Bites Pizza is nothing more than an extension on the old Stuffed Crust Pizza, except the crust is cut up into pieces making it easier to pluck off a bite full of soft warm bread with melted mozzarella goodness.

But hey, I love soft warm cheese filled breadsticks too. Why not just footlong breadsticks, maybe a bit thicker, to accomodate some cheese AND pepperoni slices inside? No need to add tomato sauce, just the cheese and pepperoni!

The Cheesy Bites Pizza is available already in limited runs in certain locations. It's set to go nationwide on Super Bowl Sunday.


M. Joseph on 2/01/2006 07:55:00 AM said...

I was at Pizza Hut the other day with some co-workers, about 8 or 9 of us. And the manager brought out free slices for each of us to sample.

We all liked it a lot. Thumbs up from 8 hungry guys!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) on 2/07/2006 01:46:00 PM said...

Man, I never order Pizza's from Pizza Hut. But I really want this one...

jwoodbury30 on 2/13/2006 11:00:00 AM said...

Actually I am sitting here right now enjoying one of these new pizzas. My pregnany sidekick Holly has also enjoyed a few of these "notorious" cheese bites. Her actual response was, "Kid tested pregnant mother approved." Upon first opening my newly aquired favorite pizza I was at a dilema. Do I tear off and eat the cheesy bite first, or do I eat the slice of pizza and then finish off the cheesy bites after. After much consideration I dedcidd to go ahead and tear off a couple cheesy bites and go to town. Now since I am in and from Texas, I dipped them in some ranch dressing. Highly recommended!! All and all this is a wonderful pizza.

Anonymous said...

Try makeing the dam pizza:(

Pizza is comeing back some time around 01/01/07

Anonymous said...

I am at a pizza hut its coming back super bowl 07 and yes its apain to make there a few employees joking about quiting if they heard it was gonna come back
but they didnt i was there last year and it sucked but it was a good pizza

Anonymous said...

i haven't tried it yet think i should say yes think i shouldn't say no i don't know but i love pizza

Anonymous said...

Buenisimaaa, la mejor, me fascinaaaaa

Catgurlfurreel1(aka_carson) on 3/09/2009 08:37:00 AM said...

Have you seen the Japanese Pizza Hut version of this pizza? I'm sorry, but it looks disgusting. Alot of their other stuff looks good though, here's a link to the pic

And here's another link to their whole menu

Anonymous said...

I don't like bites, there is no taste in it. They should stuff it with liquid cheese (like Domino)

Anonymous said...

This thing was horrible. Had it as my one guilt-free meal after three weeks of dieting, and I wish I had chosen something else. There was no cheese in the bites... and the crust texture was horrible. Should have gone for a normal pan pizza instead.

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