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11 January, 2006

Carl's Jr. Announces New Jalapeno Burger

Carl's Jr. Jalapeno BurgerThe Carl's Jr. chain of fast-food burger restaurants is introducing a new burger called "Jalapeno Burger".

It's also the company's first specialty burger to be offered in three sizes, a single, a double, and their trademarked "Six Dollar" half-pounder.

The burger comes with generous helpings of pickled jalapeno slices, with pepperjack cheese, and a creamy Santa Fe sauce. Carl's Jr. says they got the idea after its employees observed customers topping off their burgers with jalapeno slices from the restaurant's salad bar.


KahunaTastyBurger said...

Knowing my appreciation of peppers, my wife brought home one of these for me tonight.

I really enjoyed it.

Next time, I'll make it a double burger, with double the pepperjack cheese.

The Santa Fe sauce was good, too.

Mr. Phats said...

Ive heard of this burger before but hadn't tried until months ago and now its my new favorite burger! just the right amount of heat and zest.

Thanks Carl's Jr!

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