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04 January, 2006

Canned Octopus in Olive Oil Sauce

Canned Octopus in Olive OilSpain-based food manufacturer, Thenaisie-Provote, S.A., has a series of canned octopus products.

There are several flavors sure to please everyone, including Olive Oil (pictured here), Vegetable Oil, Fancy Sauce, Marinade Sauce, and Garlic Sauce.

I'm not totally certain, but it appears each can contains one whole octopus (probably small octopus). I derive this from the fact that their line of canned squid is tagged as "pieces", while the octopus line is not.

Nothing like pulling out a sucker-legged sea creature and sliding it down your throat. Mmmmm, oh yeah!


Anonymous said...

"mmmmm oh yeah"-- lol i just bought some. dont know how to eat it. scared to open by myself.

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