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13 January, 2006

Bubblicious Bursts Bubble Gum

Bubblicious introduced a new varitey of bubble gum with a burst of flavor. The Bubblicious Bursts have a liquid-filled center in two flavors, Thunderin' Bubble Gum and Sour Cherry Storm (remind you of the old Freshin Up gum with the liquid center?). The new Burst Bubble Gum will be available in 7-count laminate packages, much like other Bubblicious varieties.

The newly re-designed Bubblicious website provides more details on what is in the Bubblicious Flavor Vault and you can also send your friends postcards featuring LeBron James.


Anonymous said...

delicious, im chewing on a piece now. it loses it's juiciness fast though.

Anonymous said...

yummy! lol tasty

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